operahausMIKADO” … It’s not a milk tea but as good as one, only it’s a comic opera in two acts! Catch Philippine Opera Company’s YAS Season 2 opener, “MIKADO” on August 14, 6:30pm at the Opera Haus,3657 Bautista St., Makati City. Starring Al Gatmaitan, Cris Go, Karla Gutierrez, Jun Ofrasio, Clarissa Ocampo, Jon Meer Vera Perez, Nomer Son, and Paulina Yeung with special participation of Roden Araneta. Directed by Floy Quintos.
Music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. The Mikado remains the most frequently performed Savoy Opera. The work has been translated into numerous languages and is one of the most frequently played musical theater pieces in history.
For details call POC at 822-9609 or 0917-5272880.


Platinong Buhok poster (1)  “Ang Platinong Buhok” (The Platinum Hair), a documentary film about the late theater, TV and film actress Amable |Ama” Quiambao Viray, holds special screenings at the Dream Theater of the CCP,  this Cinemalaya 2013 Film Festival.

 The twenty-minute film documentary highlights the account of Ms. Quiambao’s career as an actress and personal life as friend, teacher and mother which are revealed through interviews conducted by Abby Angeles.

 Interviewed were Lui Manansala, Quiambao’s sister, former Ms. Universe First Runner-Up Mirriam Quiambao, her niece, and her colleagues – directors Joel Lamangan, Soxie Topacio, comedian Lou Veloso, character actress Ermie Concepcion, Joel Saracho J.K Anicoche and her son Ishmael Viray

Ms Ama Quimabao, accepting the Cinemalaya Best Actress Award last year and on her last film 'Amor Y Muerte'

Ms Ama Quimabao, accepting the Cinemalaya Best Actress Award last year and on her last film ‘Amor Y Muerte’

 Perry Escaño, documentary director says, “My first professional interaction with Tita Ama was when we did Ang Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba, a play we did for Gantimpala Theater. She was my mother. And as Bernarda, nakaka-star struck siya.

           “As an actress, she was most giving, very patient, but she expects you to do your part well. The experience to work with her gave me enough opportunities to appreciate her talents as an actress and realize how great she is as a person. We became friends after the play and she treats me as one of her theater sons, that was a big honor for me,” Escaño enthuses.

 Host Abby Angeles and Documentary Director Perry Escaño

Host Abby Angeles and Documentary Director Perry Escaño

   “This documentary is my modest way to pay homage to her,” the director ends.

         Newbie talent Abby Angeles does the task of interviewing Ama’s colleagues, “Being a host is one of my biggest dreams, I love interviewing people, getting their points of view, and being pat of this documentary, I feel is a big blessing.”

          She carries on, “My interview subjects were most cooperative. Ang babait nila. They were so easy to talk with, and as they share so many things about Ms. Ama, it made me realize that she was really a dedicated actress and a true professional.|

            The screening of Ang Platinong Buhok” (The Platinum Hair) is slated on August 3, (Saturday) 2013 with the following screenings, 12:45PM (1st Screening) 1:20PM (2nd Screening) 1:55PM (3rd Screening) 2:30pm (Last Screening)

Ticket Price is P100.00. For ticket reservations and inquiries please contact J.R 0905422372


pizap.com13751739289041Enough of sob stories! Let us all celebrate a new month [my birth month to be exact!] and party till the brew is dry and the hors d’oeuvres have gone down the sewer! Let’s party!  Party hard and be happy and GAY!  Well, it sure was quite a trouble to lead me to this topic.  Frankly, it’s as fresh as my newly-douched pussy!  The scene:  An actor/singer/host was spotted hurriedly at the lobby of a plush hotel in the company of his faggot cohost!  Now, why the malice? If they merely played jackstones they wouldn’t look well-rested and happy, right?  Talks have it that indeed , the two has a thing going on and that the guy is more fulfilled  to be pleasured by his kind rather than his pretentiously-virginal gummy  ex-girlfriend.  Your guess as to who got the bill is as good as mine! Ugh!


pizap.com13751727359581After a hurly-burly kindav whirly situation that JM DE GUZMAN got himself into, he is said to be released soon [like next month]  from the rehabilitation facility he was cooped after having had a bad bout with hallucinatory substances. This was disclosed by his father in a casual talk and volunteered that his son is recovering fast and at the moment is cohesive and lucid.  A great news but with strong implications that JM still has to tackle with his own devils in order for him to beautifully bounce back into entertainment circuit.  He lost opportunities and hopefully regain better breaks once he is good for the going! Fresh up, JM!


JC DE VERA [foto courtesy: Garage Magazine]

JC DE VERA [foto courtesy: Garage Magazine]

He started his showbiz career  at GMA7; stayed for almost 7 years got in the middle of then manager Anabel Rama‘s [he is now under the wings of Leo Dominguez] imbroglio with network biggies and was uprooted for a supposedly green pasture in TV5, then after take or leave some 3 years, JC DE VERA signed a contract today with ABSCBN.  The bicolano actor sure has been lucky and continuously is patronized by his fans through appearances on teleseryes and what-have-you’s but he hasn’t really cut a strong leading man image for reasons quite unknown to the untrained passer-by.  Hopefully his new environ would boost his thespian talent as it did Paulo Avelino among other pilgrims.  Expect his star to shine on the star network … oh, am I getting redundant or wet?  LOL!


pizap.com13750698115211Yesterday was such a blessed Sunday for me.  Some Binagoongang Baboy , then Chococake for some fix later truly made me feel good about myself.  But wait, while the top was asleep my phone incessantly sent my privacy to hold.  Early noon, a dispatch reportedly from the EatBulaga management mounted me in extreme curiosity : Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc. is bound by the rules to maintain the integrity and credibility of the pageant “Super Sireyna”. “Super Sireyna” was created to uplift the image of the LGBT Community in the Philippines particularly the Transgenders/Transsexuals sector. To empower them. To create an impression that is acceptable to the society. To become a good role model not only to the LGBT community but to everyone in general. We regret to inform everyone that our Public Relations Office received numerous complaints about Ms. Garcia’s wrongful doings both in the past and present time. These complaints were solidified with evidences such as photos and videos. However, no further details will provided to the public as a sign of respect to Ms Garcia. After a thorough deliberation, the management made a heartbreaking decision to dethrone Ms. Garcia. A true Super Sireyna should possess qualities of a true queen. Classy and decent. She should set a good example to everyone. We admire Ms. Garcia for her courageous act in admitting the circumstances surrounding the scandal, but we also have to render fair judgment on the grounds of MISCONDUCT by stripping her of the title. This decision is rendered with finality and the Eat Bulaga Management and Tape Inc. stands by it.”   So suddenly we are moral animals? Especially EatBulaga? If EatBulaga certainly is morally erect, then what are we all?  Stripping nude or even having done pornographic acts for kicks or a living is no reason to disgrace a winner proclaimed by an honorable board of judges.  The contest is of no serious content so why do they have to make a big fuzz out of it? If this is true (while we await if the winner Francine Garcia aka Kim Chui is doing EB’s opening today) then we should all rally for morality. Starting most especially on the show’s main hosts who, years back figured in a rape scandal among other pederastic deeds! As long as hindi naman siya naghubad o umaktong malaswa sa EatBulaga, anong problema nyo mga putangina nyo? [UPDATE: THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THE DETHRONEMENT RUMOR SINCE FRANCINE APPEARED IN THE MONDAY EDITION July 29 of EatBulaga]

Then, late afternoon the tv goes a-buzz with the appearance of BILLY CRAWFORD for his first and last interview.  In the wake of the reported Billy-Nikki break-up , he sure fired up interest and whatever he was to reveal after a somehow contrived flow of lachrymal juices would  totally burn fields of speculations.  BUT …the whole mile got so mutilated with cryptic statements that  everybody awaited the lethal question which was never blurted out  by some baldness: ‘ARE YOU GAY FROM ADAM?’ The answer would have capped the gloomy , rainy Sunday this side of the globe hoped for! Ang hatol tuloy ng bayan: BEKIBILLY!




When maverick filmmaker Eduardo Roy Jr. saw promising young actor Jun-Jun Quintana, he knew right away that he had his perfect Uno, the most important male character for his Cinemalaya New Breed entry about the life and loves of the transexuals and the transgenders, Quick Change.

“Jun-Jun is a perfect fit for the role,” enthused Roy adding,” and he delivered effortlessly.”

Patient and persevering in the crazy showbiz jungle, Jun-Jun Q’s acting potential was first noticed in Adolfo Alix’s Haruo, the Young Critics Circle Best Film of 2012. Critics wrote glowingly of Jun-Jun’s felt performance.

He also headlined CBN Asia’s Holy Week Drama Special for 700 Club for two consecutive years.

Recently, Jun-Jun played the lead role in the stage play Imbisibol, one of the more successful one-act plays of the Virgin Labfest at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Up for him is another lead role for the coming CinemaOne Originals Independent Film Festival in November and the green light has been turned on for his first ever soap opera, Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin for ABS-CBN.




Yes, the barbie doll-like grand winner of EatBulaga’s SuperSireyna pageant is also an actor.  She stars in Edong Roy’s Cinemalaya2013 film ‘QUICK CHANGE’.  Interesting enough, Francine Garcia who stands by the name ‘Kim Chui’ at first was eliminated but was recalled as a wildcard candidate and eventually won the crown! Elegant , queenly and perfectly poised , Francine tackled the whole show with a winner’s aura.  Being held as the last candidate , her Q&A feat nailed her as a sure winner.  She totally brought the whole house down with her reply to Isabel Daza‘s query:

Isabelle Daza: If you were called to serve in the military by your country, would you accept this? And Why?

Francine Garcia: Yes, because I think, that it doesn’t matter whether you’d be a Sireyna, a man or a woman. The mere fact that you’re a good law abiding citizen then you are worthy to serve your country and enter the military. Article 3 Section 1 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states, that no man shall be deprived from his pursued of life, liberty, property and in perpetuity without due process of law. Thank you!


Francine with JunJun Quintana in QUICK CHANGE

Francine with JunJun Quintana in QUICK CHANGE


JohnEdwardCustodio [photo courtesy : Mister Philippines International 2013]

JohnEdwardCustodio [photo courtesy : Mister Philippines International 2013]

In the wide world of digital simulation, anyone can HAPPEN.  While some creatures dig their way down for some fortune, JOHN EDWARD CUSTODIO may as well flip his wings and soar high if he wishes.  Young and built to a perfect mold, he can easily capture a moment and drench his audience no end with excitement.  Although he didn’t quite make it as the grand winner of this year’s MR PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL  pageant, be rest assured that in a few you shall have an overload of his charm as his image cuts through several  visual ads and perhaps photoplays.  He is featured in this month’s cover of ISDA magazine [check link in the widgets of this page] together with recent Cannes sensation ANGELI BAYANI.  The face and body has a name now so don’t forget it!



It’s very us. Us [or ‘we’ if you please] as a people wearing wooden slippers and gasping to liberate ourselves from the murky kitsch we are all in to poke on lives unlived and live life as a lie just for the heck of it.  Perhaps to check if their popularity quotient is nowhere near Timbuktu, showbiz couple of five years BILLY CRAWFORD ( Did he drop ‘JOE’ when he lost his virginity to some old fag?) and NIKKI GIL (NOT related to Rosemarie, Cherie OR Eddie) called it quits a few farts ago.  They did not personally declare their split up but rather they made it as professional as possible through a wire dispatch from their management agency.  There are several speculations as to the real reason why they parted ways ; netizens were quick to condole with couple’s fans,  but Aling Tasya Bungangera who hawks corn in a nearby talipapa volunteers credible reasons why: 1. They fell out of love. Nikki woke up and found that Cupid’s arrow broken; and Billy, felt yukky about Nikki.  2. Aesthetic reasons.  Nikki realized that she cannot bear Billy’s new face and longed for the old one but the guy is much into his new look so… pffft.  3. Both wish to assert their real preferences. Explanation not needed.  And 4. Ratings Reason.  With a news such as earth-shaking as that, aren’t we all sure that IT’S SHOWTIME will soar way beyond the atmosphere? Choz.  One of them gave a generic statement of this effect : ‘Will explain in time’ ; the ‘time’ is when you dump some crap further into your throat. Touché.

Trailing further ahead is the drumbeating of two siblings’ entry to showbiz.  It’s sickening that some mortals would run a disgraceful mile just to garner some attention and support.  Such is the case of the PARAS brothers. KOBE and ANDRE PARAS bubbled up the surface of our consciousness with turds surrounding their presence.  It is unimaginable but has now happened that upstarts trash talk their parents [in this case their mother] and still expect to be respected.  This is the KRIS AQUINO EFFECT where you blabber your own decay and beg for compassion while keeping your sanity as  hostage of bad taste.  These boys have plucked their chance of being lovable.  Adorable good looks gave way to their utter disrespect for the woman who risked her life to bring them INTO  this crazy tinsel world.  They could have just merely SHUT THEIR TRAP and left the talking [and trashing] to some virago like Lolit Solis. Touché… again.

MODUS OPERANDI : Bubble Gum Hair

photo courtesy : Kristel Evangelista Villaflor

photo courtesy : Kristel Evangelista Villaflor

Blazing on KRISTEL EVANGELISTA VILLAFLOR’s FB wall is an account of another MO of evil characters in the metro, read on and be WARNED : Kanina habang nakasakay sa jeep may dalawang mama na sumakay. Tumabe ang isa sa akin. At ang isa ay nasa harap ko. Habang suot ang earphones sa tenga ko. May biglang kumalabit sa akin. At sinabeng my bubblegum daw ako sa buhok. Dali dali kong tinignan ang buhok ko kung my bubblegum nga. Pero wala naman. Biglang hinawakan ng mama ang buhok ko. At sinabeng “ayan oh”. Pagtingin ko, biglang ngkaron. Nalagyan na pala nia ng bubblegum ang buhok ko. Pinalabas ako ng manong ng papel, Tubig at kung ano ano para daw matanggal ang bubblegum. 
Pero ang totoo, style lang nila un para malito ako. At para magkaron ng chance para tignan ang laman ng bag ko. Pero naging alerto ako. At sa kabutihang palad. Wala silang nakuha sa akin hnggang sa bumaba ang dalawa.
Nakakalungkot lng na parang walang pakialam ang mga kasabay ko sa jeep. Wla ng concerned citizen ngaun.
Laging magingat sa lahat ng oras. Maging alerto. Iwasang mglabas ng gadget na makakakuha ng atensyon nila. AT HIGIT SA LAHAT WAG KALIMUTANG MAGDASAL. Please share.


pizap.com13747167382801AVEEN ACUÑA-GULO Writes : There’s nothing really in the 4th SONA that we have not heard in the last twelve months.  At least for those of us who had access to conventional and social media.  READ THE 4th SONA IN FILIPINOENGLISH

 The choir wore ethnic-inspired costume that to my untrained eye looked Teduray.  Why it didn’t seem to be a portent of things to be mentioned in the SONA I have no idea.

 Throughout the applause-interrupted 104-minute speech I waited for issues regarding indigenous peoples to be mentioned.  Nothing.  Oh sorry, there was the choir.  Then a wee bit about “katutubo”getting health insurance.  And then images of indigenous people ready to give baskets to tourists. Then nothing.
I must have expected too much.  The SONA should have been titled State of Metro Manila Address. What would a P200 million profit from water services mean to a Mindanawon, anyway?  Or a fantastic railway system that would run the rat race faster?  Instead of decongesting a sinking metro by dispersing resources, it seemed like an invitation for people from the provinces to congest it further. That then gives more justification for passing the Reproductive Health Law, maybe.
 Surely there’s a connection between floodwaters and logging; between rice and cartels; between full coverage and the spike in hospitalizations; between cash transfers and NGOs; between wealth-sharing and environmental protection.  But in the speech the connections did not cross over.  Di tumawid. 
 Let’s leave the Alelluiahs for the accomplishments to each government office with its own press relations budget.
 The non-mention of indigenous peoples’ issues is actually a reflection of the outright neglect of the Aquino administration to fulfill its part as duty holder.  Issues like mining, logging, foreign investors, human rights.  Moreover, it seems to have forgotten, too, that when the government passed Republic Act 8371 or the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act (IPRA) in 1997, it signed a Peace Agreement with the indigenous peoples of this country.
 A Peace Agreement? Yes, it is.  And what makes IPRA unique as a Peace Agreement is that it was largely fought in the legal arena, not in the war zone.  It was won without a solid armed front.  That makes two Peace Agreements that the government has become wanting in fulfilling its side of the pact.  Do we know what is usually done to a party that reneges?
 Despite its flaws, the IPRA is also a poverty alleviation program.  Why subject IPs to the indignity of dole-outs and plastic cards when their indigenous knowledge, skills, and practices are still existing? Why give them investors when they sorely ask for schools?  When they know how to read and write and be competitive, can’t they then decide for themselves what business endeavor to undertake? When given the chance to manage their resources by themselves, can’t they not also show stewardship and prudence like their forefathers?  Government is only the facilitator, the guide – and not party to the business.  Hindi na dapat makipag-kumpetensya ang gobyerno sa negosyo ng pribadong pamayanan. 
 Despite its flaws, the IPRA provides legal bases of many actions the IPs are doing in the protection of their rights i.e. Right to Ancestral Domain, Right to Cultural Integrity, Right to Self-Governance and Empowerment, and Social Justice & Human Rights.  Imagine protecting your ancestral lands with unseen walls?  Imagine decongesting anglo-saxon influenced courts with cases that cannot be decided speedily if filed anyway?  Imagine deciding collectively so that accountability is not shouldered only by one person?  Imagine not having had to bow down and be perpetually subservient to all forms of domination?
 Oh, the Pork Barrel.  Though it was not mentioned, it shone like lard in the gowns and cars.  It was also exciting to note too, that behind those glam and false eyelashes – are actually nothing.
Aveen Acuña-Gulo has been into humanitarian and development work in various capacities since 1998. She is currently the Project Manager of IPDEV, an EU-funded capacity building project for Indigenous Peoples in the ARMM. Visit Aveen’s blog. Follow her on Twitter @aveenacunagulo