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ARIELLA ARIDA : The Yellow Gown and Some Two Cents

ARIELLA's Gown Na Dilaw

ARIELLA’s Gown Na Dilaw

Jubilation was at hand when our representative to the Miss Universe Pageant ARIELLA ARIDA got the last slot on the TOP 16.  It really was supposed to be 15 but it didn’t hurt to add one more until she also swooped right through the TOP 5.  There she was with the Latinas! The Latinas she ignorantly branded as unable to construct a decent English sentence without considering the fact that Spanish IS a universal language.  But then that is all water under the bridge now as she paraded herself on a YELLOW GOWN.  After the event; and named 3rd runner up, people were blaming her gown.  They said it was too puke-y, kinda baduy or just merely not bagay.   But really the gown was just fine, it had a regal silhouette about it and grabbed attention too.  She could have been perfect with a wavy mane [her ultra-re-bonded hair looked too embalmed] and a fuller arm.  She also exhibited extreme nervousness and while she tried to be eloquent in the question and answer portion, her reply did not satisfy a salient point on the unemployment clause.  Perhaps next year or the next we shall finally win, but we should send a whole package : X FACTOR, X FACTOR and more X FACTOR.




Lately, former child singer/actor SAM CONCEPCION has noticeably grown to be a fine looking gentleman.  He has this ‘safe’ finely chiseled face that can make you swoon in a bet and wet somewhere.  Undoubtedly, his charm is disarming and you can feel the machismo revving up inside every each time he appears on tv or film.  He sure has buffed his body for a win!  A great career-move if you’d ask helplessly-starstruck-old-me since it is doing him wonders.  Also a fabulously voiced crooner, SAM is all you need in an all-weather mode to keep you oiled up with desire! Way to go, SAM… watch his ‘MAHAL NA MAHAL’ mv to ‘feel’ what I totally mean!


pizap.com13755345743691What could have been a subtle Saturday afternoon suddenly becomes a scorchy affair as talks/screengrabs/video of the latest sex scandal crosses the local showbiz skies in a blaze.  CHITO MIRANDA, front man of Parokya Ni Edgar and girlfriend Neri Naig (former StarCircleQuest wanna-be) are shown in compromising poses of intimacy.  Apparently , the Miranda home was robbed and one of those taken was the hard drive disk where their sex video/s were in.  Miranda was also quick to react on the controversy saying that “We are truly saddened by the fact na may nag-leak na private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig,”  Well, this is one lesson never learned , a lot of celebs and common mortals take to their perverse ways and document really sleazy intimate moments that often  fall into some enterprising hands to make some sick bucks!


pizap.com13751739289041Enough of sob stories! Let us all celebrate a new month [my birth month to be exact!] and party till the brew is dry and the hors d’oeuvres have gone down the sewer! Let’s party!  Party hard and be happy and GAY!  Well, it sure was quite a trouble to lead me to this topic.  Frankly, it’s as fresh as my newly-douched pussy!  The scene:  An actor/singer/host was spotted hurriedly at the lobby of a plush hotel in the company of his faggot cohost!  Now, why the malice? If they merely played jackstones they wouldn’t look well-rested and happy, right?  Talks have it that indeed , the two has a thing going on and that the guy is more fulfilled  to be pleasured by his kind rather than his pretentiously-virginal gummy  ex-girlfriend.  Your guess as to who got the bill is as good as mine! Ugh!

Glaucomic Curve : OBSESSED FROG

pizap.com13746425325671An indie actor/singer /model is currently warding off demons sent by some cretinous fallen reporter [tabloids  finds him legally insane?] who now maintains a sick blog to milk some trickles of human kindness for his convenience.  Obviously, the abominable faggot-excuse-of-an insect is grotesquely obsessed with the hunky celeb with hopes that  finally one day [after a long period of larding up] the latter will give in to the former’s sexual innuendo.  In his blog, he casually addresses the actor as his ‘papa’ ; and insinuate that indeed there is something going on between them… EoooooW???   Being a gentleman and well-bred, the poor guy has been accommodating  the pest but lately has become quite uncomfortable and he is starting to see a bigger picture.  He is slowly realizing that he is a sitting duck and an easy target for sociopaths.  It seems that the ‘papa’ tag afforded him meant that every time they met he was obliged to generously ‘pay’ for the patronizing blog posts written in his honor .  There are lots of pesky characters like this sick blogger who fleece for a living and the sad part is, their world gets smaller everyday and they end up being ostracized for being spiritually ugly! BEWARE!


Kristoffer King & Kiro Baldemor

Kristoffer King & Kiro Baldemor

After the indie world experienced  a slight tremor when MARCO MORALES hugged the late night news with his nonchalant hotel thievery and eventual surrender; another shaky story gripped the circuit this time with alleged carnapping not just by one but two indie studs.  KRISTOFFER KING and KIRO BALDEMOR are reportedly in hiding after running away with cars owned by their gay friends.  It just might be  a stretch of malicious talk, but naughtiness has limits to speak of.  At the moment [supposedly] , these mouth-watering hunks are nowhere to be found.  There seems to be a trail of unsavory stories regarding indie actors nowadays ; it is said that they are readily available somewhere along Quezon Avenue and can be had for 1K.  The trade is fleshy now? You tell me!

Glaucomic Curve : TWO FAGGY TALES

pizap.com13727406104311Twice upon a god-forgotten time there lived two faggots in a sick industry somewhere east of the orient.  Each had a story to tell but told only in a miasmatic era of lies and fourth-of-truths in a rather fashionable manner as such!  TALE 1.  BURARA FAG.  He is painstakingly being shove into some public thought of denial.  From what it all appears, he is as gay as Xixi Maturan but only to his clique.  He was once rumored to have had relations with a dirty-looking-harlotic comedienne but when things went pffft, the rumor lingered like sweat on the walls of a rundown hotel.  Namumulot siya ng guys at umoorder ng masahista.  Well, that’s his gig, but well-meaning friends have often noticed that he has been missing things ; even valuable ones with no clue as to who picked them.  Minamatud kaya ng mga friends nyang puma-party ng walang patumangga sa kanyang crib o ng mga lalaking labas-masok sa kanyang makasalanang silid?  It appears that he has the habit of  cluttering his world with these valuables for the picking. So, who has the problem? Ikaw! Pakialamera ka kasi!  TALE 2. SELOSANG FAG. High-profile-comedian-fag recently broke up with his basketball star jowa.  He had it coming, really.  The guy is top on the list of  the faggot food chain since word have it that his nota is grandioso and he is oh, so obliging as in chikka lang suming ka man o dumance!.  It so happened that while having a gourmet dinner in the metro with the comedian, the basketball star/hunk  got a call from a very prominent rich baklang paminta.  Kinilig si guy at nang malaman ni vhaklung kung sino at baket ito tumatawag ay  nagwala ito which boiled out into a fight and a declaration of separation.  Insecurity killed the cat and finally gave the blabbering fag his dose… ang sama raw kasi ng ugali ni bakla at kahit na nga sinumpa ng mga fatyollahkhomane, hindi pa rin nagbabago!!! 


Photo : Mark Nicdao Source : Isabelle Daza's Instagram Account

Photo : Mark Nicdao
Source : Isabelle Daza‘s Instagram Account

Of course this is not as astounding as we would wish it to be.  Georgina Wilson is a well-known attention whore and would unabashedly be  into anything to attract flies at any possible instance.  This time,  she poses with cousin Isabelle Daza for Mark Nicdao in an attempt to contribute to the cause of  their take on the cause for equality of gay rights.  We are clueless as to what purpose this photo [published on Daza‘s  instagram account] is driving at since both are not openly gay.  Perhaps it was just a spur in her lack-of-things-to-do-moment that urged them to cook up a thought that may or may not scandalize the church to further make them a stunning image flashed on the backside of  this era.  Oh, my… there goes my pitch for Isabelle to become the next Filipino Miss Universe!


pizap.com13661857648581 Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Ms. LILY MIRAFLOR (ScreenGrap mula sa 'Minsa'y Isang Gamu-Gamo')

Ms. LILY MIRAFLOR (ScreenGrab mula sa ‘Minsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo’)

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