‘INTENTIONS’ @ UP’s Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero Theater

intentions… A Woman (DOLLY DE LEON) walks into a coffee shop night after night just before closing time; as the Waiter (KARL MEDINA) indulges her Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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KATIPUNAN Poster 2The very first Bulwagang Gantimpala production, Katipunan, Mga Anak ng Bayan, pulsates with new life, as a special touring production, under the direction of Joel Lamanganand Jun Pablo.
The musical theater production acquaints modern viewers to the short life and turbulent times of the working class revolutionary Andres Bonifacio and his wife, Gregoria “Oryang” de Jesus. It illustrates the evolution of the mass-based revolutionary organization, the role of women in the struggle, the internal conflicts that weakened it and gives the audiences the lessons from the struggles and triumphs of the Great Plebeian.
Artistic director Joel Lamangan says, “Katipunan is my comeback to Gantimpala Theater. It is the first play I joined in Bulwagang Gantimpala, when the late Tony Espejo was still establishing it at the CCP  It is really my coming back, it’s a full circle.”
“We try to make it as relevant as now, in terms of music and movement,” adds Lamangan. “This is all sung thru.  It is fast and tiring, yes, but this young people, they are doing it very well.”
He carries on, “This is so challenging because I am doing both choreography and direction, with Jun Pablo (GT Chair and President) helping me to polish every thing as we go along.”
“We promise the audiences a very exciting and dynamic musical theater production about the life of Andres Bonifacio. I am sure that people of all ages will appreciate what we are offering,” ends Lamangan.
Playing major roles are Sandino Martino as Andres Bonifacio, Anna Fegi as Gregoria de JesusRJ Jimenez as Emilio Jacinto, with Brent Manzano, Allan Joseph Padilla and Vera Capiral as the Mga Tagapagsalaysay.
Script by Bonifacio Ilagan.  Lyrics by Jose Jeffrey Camañag, Music by RJ Jimenez. Set Design by Sonny Aniceto.  Production and stage manager is Cicey Alejo.
Touring performances are slated on August 22, 23 & 24, (Bren Guiao, San Fernando, Pampanga), August 29 (Dagupan, Pangasinan), August 31 (Tarlac), September 7 (Biñan, Laguna), September 13 & 14 (Dagupan, Pangasinan), September 20 (San Carlos City, Pangasinan), and October 4 (Bulacan Capitol Gymnasium).
Metro Manila shows are being scheduled for November and December.
Katipunan, Mga Anak ng Bayan is fully supported by the National Parks Development Committee, Everbilena, Skin Sanctuary, and ACES and PROS.
For tickets, block buying and sponsorships, call the Gantimpala Marketing Office at 998-5622/872-0261. You may also visit www.facebook.com/gantimpala. Follow us on twitter @gantimpala_tf.


operahausMIKADO” … It’s not a milk tea but as good as one, only it’s a comic opera in two acts! Catch Philippine Opera Company’s YAS Season 2 opener, “MIKADO” on August 14, 6:30pm at the Opera Haus,3657 Bautista St., Makati City. Starring Al Gatmaitan, Cris Go, Karla Gutierrez, Jun Ofrasio, Clarissa Ocampo, Jon Meer Vera Perez, Nomer Son, and Paulina Yeung with special participation of Roden Araneta. Directed by Floy Quintos.
Music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. The Mikado remains the most frequently performed Savoy Opera. The work has been translated into numerous languages and is one of the most frequently played musical theater pieces in history.
For details call POC at 822-9609 or 0917-5272880.


Final Florante PosterGantimpala Theater opens its thirty-sixth (36) season with Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura”, the Filipino literary masterpiece considered by many as poetic art that examines the nature of justice, truth and commitment to fairness, made into a theater production by award-winning and respected playwright Bonifacio Ilagan, with director Roeder Camañagpresenting it as a komedya,
            Director Camañag says, “Boni Ilagan’s script highlights on the many facets of love – from the purest to the most damaged. He understood the words of Balagtas so well thus we see on stage Florante’s encounters with love – love for knowledge, parental love, brotherly love he shares with best friend Menandro. Laura, his beloved , and love for Albania.”
Paul Jake Paule/Rafa Esplana & Ellrica Laguardia as 'FLORANTE at LAURA'

Paul Jake Paule/Rafa Esplana & Ellrica Laguardia as ‘FLORANTE at LAURA’

            “We are presenting it as a komedya as well,” the director quips. “We are continuing to honor the artistic legacy of our late artistic director Tony Espejo who believed that the komedya was the theater form during the time of Balagtas and it was not only fitting, but best to present the play making use of this endemic Filipino theater form.”
            Alternately acting as Florante are Rafa Esplana and Paul Jake Paula with Ellrica Laguardia as Laura, Florante’s sweetheart.
            Actors’ Company members portray major roles – Alfred Urieta as the antagonist and Daffodil Abear is the Moor princess Flerida.
FLORANTE at LAURA with Macson Macaraig as Makata

FLORANTE at LAURA with Macson Macaraig as Makata

            Giving life to the other major characters are Ku Aquino (Haring Linceo), Billy Parjan (Duke Briseo), Lodie Atis (Reyna Floresca), Mark Cayabyab (Menandro), Jan Gomez (Antenor),
Kych Cyl Minemoto ( Batang Florante), Masanori Mentuda (Batang Adolfo), Macson Anthony Macaraig (Makata/Tagapagsalaysay), Andro Morgan (Sultan Ali- Adab/Osmalik), Julius Empredo (Miramolin) and Leo Ponseca as Aladin, the Moor Prince.
Artistically assisting Camañag to realize the warring world of Moors and Christians are Andy Villareal            (Lights Designer), Joey de Guzman ( Set Designer), Jose Jeffrey Camañag (Costumes Designer), Tony Munoz (Music), Ian De Leon (Choreographer), Meyo de Jesus (Video Designer), Pauwie Garcia (Production Manager), and Roan Cornejo (Stage Manager).
            Performances are on August 2, (9am.12nn/3pm), SM Southmall Cinema 3, Las Piñas City, August 9 and 10 (10am/2pm), Star Theater, Star City, Pasay City and August 16 and 17 (10am/2pm), AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.   For tickets, please call the Gantimpala Marketing Office at 899-5911/899-5745/998-5622. Visit us at www.gantimpalatheater.multiply.com and http://www.facebook.com/gantimpala.


Julian & Martin

Julian & Martin

Gantimpala Theater tours the provinces once more, bringing to kids and the young at heart, “Ang Prinsepe at ang Pulubi,” a new children’s musical based on Mark Twain’s classic Engish tale ‘The Prince and the Pauper,” under the direction of Gean Allain de Leon, with book and libretto by the late Beth Nacion Puyot.

Leading the cast are theater newcomers Julian Roxas as Prinsepe Edward Tudor and Martin Buen as Tom Canty, the pulubi.
Roxas, De La Salle University Political Science graduate, athlete, commercial and ramp model says, “I am very happy that Gantimpala has given me this opportunity.”
For him Edward is, “A typical rich boy whose life is planned out for him that is why he wants to see what is out there, what is outside the walls of the place Being young, he craces for adventure.  We are similar in that aspect, I am adventurous type of person, for me, anything goes. One must really see the world and explore new things.”
“Every body is welcoming and very friendly.. I just feel comfortable, it’s like I found another family,” enthuses Roxas of  his Gantimpala experience.
He goes on, ‘Doing theater is like coming back to school but this time you are more focused. There is no reason for you to get bored or distracted. I admire the people’s discipline. It is something else. Frankly, every rehearsal gets better and better. Theater is what I want to do.”
In the nearest future, Julian wants to be a successful actor, then an athlete, continue giving life to character or lead roles in TV or film, and of course, doing more plays. .
Any first day jitters? Roxas smiles and answers, “I picture that day will be frightening and of course, exciting. I know I will get by. We will get by. Positive that I will get support from every one.”
Julian Roxas as Prinsepe Edward Tudor /Martin Buen as Thomas Canty

Julian Roxas as Prinsepe Edward Tudor /Martin Buen as Thomas Canty

            Buen, who portrays the role of Tom Canty is a BS Englisg graduate, a former pre-school teacher, and flight attendant.
            “I am happy,” begins Martin. “I find myself smiling every day. The daily choreography, blocking sessions, singing and dancing, every day is a learning experience. Time flies so fast during rehearsals, mabibigla ka na lang, tapos na siya,”.
            “Tom is a chap tired of living miserably,” Buen describes his role. “He desires to be part of the nobility. So when the opportunity happens, he took it, not knowing that being a prince is not an easy task.  In the end he realizes that there is much responsibilities that a prince carries, especially for England. It is not all festivities and flirting.”
            “Every one should see it, not only kids,  because it will open up the eyes and hearts of people to the many realities of life,” adds Martin about the play.
            Other important characters in the musical are Ralph Bantilan as King Henry VIII, Ronald Concepcion as Miles Hendon, Enrhil Serguino as John Canty, Donalyn Balbag as Gng. Canty, and Darby Dizon as Lord Hertford.
            Rounding up the production and artistic staff are RJ Jimenez, musical composer.  Lights Design by Joseph Matheu. Production Design by Joey de Guzman. Production Manager is Jorge Cabullo. Stage Manager is Roselle Buenaventura.
            Performances are on August 8,9 & 10, Angeles University Foundation, Angeles City, Pampanga; August 14, 15 & 16, Bren Guiao Cultural Center, San Fernando, Pampanga; August 23, in Laguna; August 28 & 29, Olongapo Convention Center, Olongapo City, Zambales; September 14 & 15, Ortega Gymnasium, San Fernando, La Union.
            The National Parks Development Committee, Ever Bilena, Skin Sanctuary and Aces and Pros fully support Gantimpala Theater’s Ang Prinsepe at ang Pulubi.
Prinsepe Final Poster
            For tickets and bookings, please call 9985622 or 8720261. Like us atwww.facebook.com/gantimpala.

VIRGIN LABFEST @ The CCP : Playdates of Entries

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GANTIMPALA THEATER TRADITIONS : Summer Workshop Concluded With “Ang Kinang ni Kahlim” ; 36th Season Audition Announcement!

Alvin Duckert as Angel Michael

Alvin Duckert as Angel Michael

Jayson Carl Santos as Pao Pao Dilaw Mariana De Leon as Wanda Pula Kristel Rose Alcazar as Lotti Puti and Beatrice Poblete as Li

Jayson Carl Santos as Pao Pao Dilaw Mariana De Leon as Wanda Pula Kristel Rose Alcazar as Lotti Puti and Beatrice Poblete as Li

Macson Anthony Macaraig as Kahlim and Jonas Ponio as Miguelito

Macson Anthony Macaraig as Kahlim and Jonas Ponio as Miguelito

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‘TRIPLE THREATS : Leading Men and Women of Philippine Musical Theater’ @ The Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP)

triplethreats Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Gantimpala Theater’s Batch 2013 Workshoppers Present “Ang Kinang ni Kahlim”

The young men of Batch 2013 with director Roeder Camañag

The young men of Batch 2013 with director Roeder Camañag

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“Martir sa Golgota” @ Cultural Center of the Philippines This Holy Week!

martirsagolgota Magpatuloy sa pagbasa