‘UnVALENTINE Me… XIXI MATURAN’ Year 3 @ M Café &Spa!

UNVALENTINEMEPOSTERVery intimate in concept.  No frills , just thrills as to what  XIXI MATURAN may pull out as he [yes, he. he is gay but without delusions] tries to stitch out a show he produces, directs and stars.  It all started when painter POPO SAN PASCUAL introduced him to MARIUS VIOLAGO in 2010.  Marius at that time had this cozy place around Tagaytay Rutonda called ‘SHELTER BAR’.  Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

RUBY , KORINA Among Other Etched December Fiascos


HAGUPIT or RUBY downgraded as Tropical Storm on Wunderground's Forecast

HAGUPIT or RUBY downgraded as Tropical Storm on Wunderground’s Forecast

FOR quite sometime now I really haven’t been myself,  I may be going through a phase where I couldn’t care less. Is it probably  because I am pushing 60  and quite unconsciously apprehensive of that state in two years time?  Or have I gone numb and callous that nothing excites me now to do anything else aside from FaceBook?  Yes, I am too  Facebook-y and some Twitter and Instagram on the side and lots of Soda Crush.  Magpatuloy sa pagbasa




I wish I could muster my thoughts and clearly describe LANCE RAYMUNDO in just on awe-mazing word but I guess that is not possible.  Literally getting in through the backdoor, Lance weathered through some trials that were tough and almost snuffed his young life.  Magpatuloy sa pagbasa