It’s very us. Us [or ‘we’ if you please] as a people wearing wooden slippers and gasping to liberate ourselves from the murky kitsch we are all in to poke on lives unlived and live life as a lie just for the heck of it.  Perhaps to check if their popularity quotient is nowhere near Timbuktu, showbiz couple of five years BILLY CRAWFORD ( Did he drop ‘JOE’ when he lost his virginity to some old fag?) and NIKKI GIL (NOT related to Rosemarie, Cherie OR Eddie) called it quits a few farts ago.  They did not personally declare their split up but rather they made it as professional as possible through a wire dispatch from their management agency.  There are several speculations as to the real reason why they parted ways ; netizens were quick to condole with couple’s fans,  but Aling Tasya Bungangera who hawks corn in a nearby talipapa volunteers credible reasons why: 1. They fell out of love. Nikki woke up and found that Cupid’s arrow broken; and Billy, felt yukky about Nikki.  2. Aesthetic reasons.  Nikki realized that she cannot bear Billy’s new face and longed for the old one but the guy is much into his new look so… pffft.  3. Both wish to assert their real preferences. Explanation not needed.  And 4. Ratings Reason.  With a news such as earth-shaking as that, aren’t we all sure that IT’S SHOWTIME will soar way beyond the atmosphere? Choz.  One of them gave a generic statement of this effect : ‘Will explain in time’ ; the ‘time’ is when you dump some crap further into your throat. Touché.

Trailing further ahead is the drumbeating of two siblings’ entry to showbiz.  It’s sickening that some mortals would run a disgraceful mile just to garner some attention and support.  Such is the case of the PARAS brothers. KOBE and ANDRE PARAS bubbled up the surface of our consciousness with turds surrounding their presence.  It is unimaginable but has now happened that upstarts trash talk their parents [in this case their mother] and still expect to be respected.  This is the KRIS AQUINO EFFECT where you blabber your own decay and beg for compassion while keeping your sanity as  hostage of bad taste.  These boys have plucked their chance of being lovable.  Adorable good looks gave way to their utter disrespect for the woman who risked her life to bring them INTO  this crazy tinsel world.  They could have just merely SHUT THEIR TRAP and left the talking [and trashing] to some virago like Lolit Solis. Touché… again.

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