Lately, former child singer/actor SAM CONCEPCION has noticeably grown to be a fine looking gentleman.  He has this ‘safe’ finely chiseled face that can make you swoon in a bet and wet somewhere.  Undoubtedly, his charm is disarming and you can feel the machismo revving up inside every each time he appears on tv or film.  He sure has buffed his body for a win!  A great career-move if you’d ask helplessly-starstruck-old-me since it is doing him wonders.  Also a fabulously voiced crooner, SAM is all you need in an all-weather mode to keep you oiled up with desire! Way to go, SAM… watch his ‘MAHAL NA MAHAL’ mv to ‘feel’ what I totally mean!


The Voice of the Philippines

Frankly I’ve had it with local singing contests.  There really hasn’t been an original voice since NORA AUNOR‘s when she won our hearts  in the 60s talent show ‘TAWAG NG TANGHALAN’.  Nobody even comes close.  So why bother?  Of course we have MOMENTARY stars who ape international singers so close that you would almost hear the soul of the real one.  Last night , lesser mortals had a chance to wow their armpits with the finals of a franchised show THE VOICE… of the Philippines.  From the start , it was clearly noticed that franchise shows really clash with our culture but what-the-heck if it is being backed up by one the most powerful networks then, so be it.  In a remote-happy way, I had the chance to take a glimpse of the proceedings and the announcement of the winner.  I also was kept abreasts with what was happening through Facebook and Twitter.  The final two had a high-strung videoke-beaten voiced guy named Mitoy Yonting and the Whitney Houston-channeler Klarisse.  Netizens were raving for Klarisse while a few rooted for Mitoy who eventually was declared the winner through text votes.  You can’t argue with that but Klarisse followers were so soured up with the outcome.  Actually, if we closely peep into our smelly assholes, we will see that most of us would really shell out text money to vote for someone like Mitoy.  He represents all our frustrations.  He pathetically presented himself to win for all the losers that we are, and so the masses manifested themselves.  A massive block of his supporters are non-tax payers so therefore they can take the pleasure of spending half of the day’s budget on such a  trivially insane way of winning.  I would not want to define Mitoy’s voice as that of a hungry banshee in a fit  but it is also bizarre to realize that Whitney would come back so soon … and on Philippine television pa!  EAT MY SHORTS!



QCinema, Quezon City‘s annual Film Festival, is aimed at addressing the development and promotion of filmmaking among city residents.  The three selected films, after a rigorous screening process, were awarded production grants of P800,000 each by the Quezon City Film Development Commission (QCFDC).  Part of the grant’s requirements is that one of its three major proponents (director, producer or screenwriter) must be a bonafide Quezon City resident.

QCinema will be held from October 3 to 5, 2013 at the Ayala Trinoma Mall.  The three winning projects which will be holding their world premieres are “Gaydar” by Alvin Yapan, “Hello World” by Joel Ferrer and “Lukas Nino” by John Torres (awarded P500,000 postproduction grant).

Included in the QCinema event will be the screening of nine 2013 Cinemalaya New Breed films which were awarded by QCFDC with postproduction grants of P100,000 each.  Slated during the festival will be film workshops and talkback sessions with filmmakers as well as the awarding of special recognition to the three winners and grantees.


pizap.com13805021280081They both exude a caucasoid flare toned by a lingering malayan shadow making them stunning lookers to behold. 2013 Miss WORLD Megan Young and upcoming actress Janice Gutierrez slice a noticeable similarity with each other.  They share a facial and physical template that from a striking distance you would mistake one for the other. Of course we all know that Megan is a mistiza and so is Janine which most likely explain the twin mold they bear. Megan is Fil-Am (50-50); while Janine is a tri-cocktail of Spanish/American/Filipino* blood.  While it seems that Megan is the new peg of  an international pageant winner, Janine may most likely follow suit and perhaps bag a title too!


*Janine is the daughter of Lotlot de Leon (Fil-Am) & Monching Gutierrez(Spanish-Filipino)




ANTHONY LIAM was there to document the sweaty, sexy event and has graciously fixed up a fascinating photoplay for all of you lesser mortals who were absent!  ENJOY!

photo courtesy : Jerry Olea

video courtesy : Anthony Liam

Glaucomic Curve : SEX, MONEY & GUILT

pizap.com13801639708172He is probably the most celebrated faggot of the hour.  He has risen from the unlighted corners of corruption into a blazing siege of unsavory publicity.  The whistleblower is so bakla that we don’t have to ask ourselves whether or not he is a practicing one.  Indeed , he is.  According to pimp A, WB has (had?) a taste for showbiz hunks available for 150K.  150K? Isn’t that much for some giddy-yapping and an ounce of chloroxic juice?  ‘Galante si bakla, nakikipag-agawan pa yan ng booking sa mga kilala at megayamang matrona at DOG [as in DirtyOldGay]’  Pimp A attests that GWB [GayWhistleBlower] appetite for named-meat-for-sale is such that he would go into a fit once he is turned down.  He would allegedly explode with  expletives tailed with ‘MAGKANO BA SILA???’ .  It is said that his employer started to notice that her bags (on her bed/on her bathtub) had hundreds of thousands missing and when she had it audited, she found that at an instance, almost  ₱3M could not be accounted for.  GWB was subject to an internal interrogation and was sent to a monastery until he puked out the truth.  The rest is history.  According to another pimp, GWB’s favorite bedmates were three hunks whose names start with the letter J.




Here the winners to this year’s CineFilipinoFilmFestival :
Best PictureAng Kwento ni Mabuti and Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita
Best Director: Mes De Guzman for Ang Kwento ni Mabuti
Best Screenplay: Mes De Guzman for Ang Kwento ni Mabuti
Best Actress: Teri Malvar in Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita
Best Actor: Karl Medina in The Guerrilla is a Poet
Best Acting Ensemble: The cast of Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita
Best Supporting Actress: Angel Aquino in Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita
Best Supporting Actor: Bong Cabrera in The Guerrilla is a Poet
Best Film EditingThe Guerrilla is a Poet
Best CinematographyPuti
Best Musical Score: The Guerrilla is a Poet
Best Production Design: Puti
Best SoundPuti

Best Short FilmLigaw by Pamela L. Reyes
2nd Best Short Film: Logaritmo by Kim Ocariza
3rd Best Short Film: Sangandaan by Jose Ibarra Guballa and Bienvenido Ferrer III

Bong Cabrera , sandwiched between Xixi Maturan & John Relucio at Talent Manager Shandii Bacolod's birthday bash last year...

Bong Cabrera , sandwiched by  Xixi Maturan & John Relucio at Talent Manager Shandii Bacolod’s birthday bash last year…


noraWILFREDO O. PASCUAL,  JR. WRITES : Ang Kuwento ni Mabuti’s trailer opens with geography, a mountain range shrouded in mist, those spiritual peaks that lock the rarely seen heart of Luzon. Nueva Vizcaya is a landscape somewhat different from the southern Bicol origins of its lead actress Nora Aunor who was born in volcanic Iriga surrounded by lakes. What does Aunor make of filmmaker Mes de Guzman’s part of the world?

Playing the role of a poor, good-natured Ilocano folk healer, one of Aunor’s tasks is simple and telling. Her portly figure treads through dry shrubs and cuts through tangles of vine. She stops where the water trickles, blows one end of a long rubber tube and places it under a shallow stream. In a province threatened by the unrelenting onslaught of armed conflict, illegal logging, mining and dam projects, will water run upstream and reach home?

These mountains contain and define Mabuti’s world and we are almost certain that she will breath her last here, even as her children opt to do business in town or leave for Dubai in desperation. When she leaves the trail and makes a trip to town, her world is jolted. The killing of a rebel in a military checkpoint thrusts a bag of cash into her hands. What would she do with all that money? Who should have it? We can all diverge on what we would do if fate finds us in a similar situation, but what haunts Mabuti? And how is she haunted? The last questions are important because it unveils the seat of a hinterland’s conscience, etched in Aunor’s performance, an artist’s marvelous and earnest response to the abode of the spirits, the dry wind and the dark clouds. Beyond the question of what is right and what is wrong is a hidden worldview that is less understood and yet speaks to our modern times.

Ilocano folk healers are specialists. There are those who specialize in gynecological folk treatment, sprains and dislocations, and then there are the privileged few with supernatural powers who cure snake and dog bites. Called “mannuma,” they channel the spirits through a stone, accurately depicted in the film, which tells how far the venom has traveled in the bloodstream. Mabuti’s sanctuary after all is not completely verdant; the hills are mostly denuded and the people not all that free from toxicity. For one, we are suspicious of the village captain and all that maddening coin-counting in his office. Civilians are caught between an armed conflict. There is indolence. And dogbites. And then there is death. And more dogbites. Mabuti, like all mannumas, can never charge payment and can only accept tokens and gifts. And so what to do with this bag of cash? In a nation rocked by war and corruption, what money does to Mabuti and what she does with it can provide a critical if not interesting parable to our times.

De Guzman’s tale, like Diablo and Of Skies and Earth, is once again grounded in masterful folk telling and local knowledge. It is charged with mystery and yet carefully paced. What I love about Mes de Guzman’s body of work, all set in Nueva Vizcaya, is how, in exploring moral questions, he combines the timeless to the temporal, the sacred to the secular, the heavenly to the mundane (Mabuti’s grand-daughter is named Kate Winslett). It is a perfect material for world-class actress Nora Aunor whose flowing career has taken the qualities of a river. From the sand dunes of Ilocos to the water-borne Badjaos of Tawi-Tawi, she is the complete vessel that transports us through our diverse landscapes and languages, the unseen realms of marginalized voices. In Mabuti, the actress does not hide the real scars on her throat that has silenced her singing voice. It’s with this shared silence that she gathers us all to experience a quiet understanding of ourselves. You touch the river of her body of work and you touch the mystery of distance and source. From waters to spiritual peaks, what more can you ask from a people’s artist?

NOTES on the author : Wilfredo O. Pascual, Jr. received the Centennial Literary Prize during the centennial celebration of the Philippine Free Press.  His story was about Filipinos leaving the country. Pascual said, “ I thought it was ironic considering that all three winners, including the other two who placed second and third, were all critical of the present administration but I thought it all made sense because we were, after all, honoring the 100th year of the Philippine Free Press.” President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo graced the awarding ceremony.
Pascual is the grand prize winner of two Carlos Palanca Awards for Essay (English) for his works Devotion (2004) and Lost in Childrensville (2007). He graduated from the University Science High School in 1984, where he won in the National Schools Press Conference. He published his novel “Sanlibong Alitaptap” at 24, while on and off schooling in UST, Faculty of Arts and Letters. He also has poems dedicated to his father, a CLSU alumnus in Agriculture and a varsity basketball player.

The Superstar and Wil

The Superstar and Wil




KRIS LAWRENCE is officially a hitmaker with his ‘IKAW PALA’ now doing rounds in  the airwaves and online favors and the music video such an intriguing visual fare that you cannot help but promise yourself to check out the nearest music store to privately experience him.  The song’s premise is age-old, here’s this guy romanticizing the arrival of a girl in his life who he realizes to be the perfect one to make his life heaven on heart.  But, its melodic strains is a refreshing take on the usual lovesong formula we are all used to.  Kris’ unpredictable slide up to almost [?] four octaves after the initial intro is a welcome musical innovation quite rare in this time and age.  Although he maintains his ‘Debarge-sound-alike’ tone, he has succeeded in creating a momentary capsule of time and emotion within the more than four minute song in his own signature.  The song is also the theme song of a dubbed-Korean telenovela but what the heck, KRIS LAWRENCE swept me out of my feet and will continue to patronize his kind of music that has him soul in it!




Siblings of established stars often get into the grind because of their name and relation.  Very much like politics, showbiz is a suitable ground to spawn dynasties.  Maganda kasi ang nanay ; maganda kasi ang kapatid … kaya maganda rin kaya pag-ARTISTAHIN na yan! Is the adage which really depends if one has the talent and guts to swim into the unnatural waters of an industry that sells pipe dreams and sometimes flesh.  But, JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH is a cut of her own.  She must have nurtured her own dream of portraying other people and living their lives to the hilt in films.  Being Anne Curtis‘ baby sister , she has mindlessly [and beautifully] woven her way through the glitterati and the worked hard at every job she does.  Her early tv appearances showed much promise with the nuance she inflected upon characters; she simply and naturally gave her persona the ‘canvass’ blankness  to effortlessly settle into the being at hand.   She hit it big with Cinemalaya‘s TRANSIT [directed by HANNAH ESPIA, a brilliant new director and Cinemalaya winner] as she clutched the  Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role Award for her role as a daughter  caught between cultures , vague choices and government policies.  This generation is just about to see more of JASMINE and for a time it is quite a sturdy pleasure to say that she will not just be the hottest actress but the toast of Philippine entertainment for the longest time.  Her TRANSIT is now our official entry to the OSCARS [Congratulations Director HANNAH ESPIA!] and without batting a crossy-eyelash ; we just might finally get our first Oscar Award for Best Foreign Film!  At the current  CineFilipino Film Festival [September 18-24], do catch Jasmine in her first horror outing in PUTI with Ian Veneracion.  Her coworkers are also all rooting for her since they love her so much for her humility, charm and spontaneity. Let us all expect a JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH SEASON and toast to every laurel she reaps and every role she further endears herself to us!



ROSANNA ROCES : Feisty As Ever!

ROSANNA ROCES : Feisty As Ever!

Just when we all thought that everything has come to place between 90s Sex Goddess ROSANNA ROCES and her former employer GMA Network, we are suddenly taken aback with a recently released news item :  THE Regional Trial Court of Quezon City decided in favor of GMA Network in the case it filed against Jennifer Molina, more popularly known as Rosanna Roces, for violating her contract as a Startalk host in 2004. GMA filed a complaint against Molina in 2005 for breach of contract after appearing in ABS-CBN’s showbiz entertainment shows during the lifetime of her talent agreement with GMA. In a seven-page decision, presiding Judge Alfonso Ruiz III of RTC branch 216 ruled that Molina breached her talent agreement with GMA when she appeared in ABS-CBN’s shows with the same format as Startalk, namely The Buzz and the defunct S-Files after she announced her “retirement” from show business. The Court added that her announcement did not terminate her talent contract with GMA, which specifically prohibits her to appear or perform in any program of the same format or time slot as Startalk within the duration of the agreement. “She cannot unilaterally dismiss a contract which she voluntarily entered into with the mere declaration that she is retiring from show business, and then escape the obligations stated in the contract,” ruled Ruiz. Molina was ordered to pay GMA P1,500,000 representing liquidated damages, P400,000 as exemplary damages, P100,000 as attorney’s fees and cost of suit. Despite the court’s strongly placed decision, Ms. Roces nonetheless is adamant with her stand that she will not shell a single cross eyed five centavos to the network and that they should charge the 1.5M to Bong Revilla [?] who is now in hot water with the pork barrel allegations.  In her FB page she replied to a query on the subject with : “UNA wala akong natatanggap na anumang sulat kung me hearing o wala pangalawa.. namatay ang abugado kong si ATTY DAVE PUYAT at magmula nuon kung anuman ang nangyari sa kaso ay clueless ako. pangatlo. ANG pag bitaw ko sa trabaho ay June matapos ang huling bday ko sa startalk 2004. lumabas ito after isiwalat nila lolit na buntis ang anak ko. Ang d buzz appearance ay nangyari Dec ng same year at tungkol yun sa Hiwalayan naming mag asawa. Tinanggap nila ang resignation ko..malinaw na pinalalaya na nila ako..Kung ako naka kontrata pa sa kanila mula di dapat me natatanggap akong sweldo para masabi nila na ako ay under their company’s contract. since alam naman ng lahat ang nangyari sa buhay ko na di ko naman itinatanggi… wala akong pagkukunan ng ganyang kung meron man….di nila ito makukuha sa akin sa hirap ng buhay at sa daming isyu ng pagnanakaw sa gobyerno na katumbas ng pagnanakaw sa ating lahat na nagpapakahirap para maitaguyod lang ating pamilya sa tamang pamamaraan. gaya ng sinabi ko sa FB ” CHARGE NYO NA LANG KE BONG REVILLA ” . Prayers included”


pizap.com13793894839071For almost a fourth of forever I was not in any mood to scribble away here.  The devastating pork barrel scam and the Zambo fiasco truly depressed my juices and nothing seemed right in the past weeks.  Finally, last Sunday I felt like Lazarus when TV5 screamed away their ‘WEEKEND DO IT BETTER’ block since I really was in need of some booby excitement and anything new might pose a possible potential of becoming our new drug.  Yes, weekend over at the major studios gave us generic products that we actually don’t need.  When Jessica Soho got to be on Sundays; their Saturdays  became a lackluster ; so did the so-called Kapamilya channel where real-life shit drama unfold back-to-back with mediocre shows.  ‘SHOWBIZ POLICE’ at first offered intrigue.  For one, the title is NOT original as it obviously coined [or shoplifted?] from Joan River’s ‘FASHION POLICE‘.  But then, as a race it has been our habit of being too original [pun intended] when it comes to entertainment ideas.  The show’s blurb promised : No showbiz controversy will remain hidden as TV5’s newest showbiz talk show, Showbiz Police, puts a watchful eye on the entertainment industry. Hosted by Raymond Gutierrez, Direk Joey Reyes, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Cristy Fermin, Showbiz Police will probe on issues and provide in-depth analysis to the hottest controversies involving celebrities and prominent personalities. Now that is good enough to tickle some anticipation but when it premiered , there wasn’t anything police-able about the show.  It merely RECAPPED showbiz news that we all know about.  The Claudine-Raymart tiff was a simply anemic take on the issue  and they even bothered to guest Barretto’s lawyer who offered nothing new because of the gag order! Reyes’ take on the video scam bug was suppose to be funny but did not serve the purpose or intent it spoke of, mas malalim ang konsepto ni Aling Taleng sa kanto dahil sa sinasabi nyang tanga lang ang manonood ng sex video dahil wala naman itong halaga kanino man kundi sa mga starring doon.  The Gutierrez segment similarly exposed their faces and Richard did not herald his being a father, and Ruffa flaunted her kalandian.  The show as presented last Sunday was a mere sick residual aftermath of what was expected. Raymond Gutierrez and Lucy Torres are perfect for this fare but  TV5 should merely retire the likes of Fermin and Reyes and look out for brighter industry tidbits that would elevate its status to a respectable clause.  Pangilinan’s addiction to chizmiz should be placed at the right perspective now before it is too late!