Glaucomic Curve : SEX, MONEY & GUILT

pizap.com13801639708172He is probably the most celebrated faggot of the hour.  He has risen from the unlighted corners of corruption into a blazing siege of unsavory publicity.  The whistleblower is so bakla that we don’t have to ask ourselves whether or not he is a practicing one.  Indeed , he is.  According to pimp A, WB has (had?) a taste for showbiz hunks available for 150K.  150K? Isn’t that much for some giddy-yapping and an ounce of chloroxic juice?  ‘Galante si bakla, nakikipag-agawan pa yan ng booking sa mga kilala at megayamang matrona at DOG [as in DirtyOldGay]’  Pimp A attests that GWB [GayWhistleBlower] appetite for named-meat-for-sale is such that he would go into a fit once he is turned down.  He would allegedly explode with  expletives tailed with ‘MAGKANO BA SILA???’ .  It is said that his employer started to notice that her bags (on her bed/on her bathtub) had hundreds of thousands missing and when she had it audited, she found that at an instance, almost  ₱3M could not be accounted for.  GWB was subject to an internal interrogation and was sent to a monastery until he puked out the truth.  The rest is history.  According to another pimp, GWB’s favorite bedmates were three hunks whose names start with the letter J.

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