XIXIFACEALIWANIt not basically our concern that some people have idiosyncrasies and all.  Ok lang yon. We all have naman davah.  But what can scrape our skin are those who persists in our midst and scandalize our own conservative selves in a rather unflattering way.  Such is this actress who is the queen of hush-hush in industry.   Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Glaucomic Curve : SEXUAL RUMORS

ssshaliwanaveLet’s face it, we are suckers when it comes to the latest sexual exploits of celebs.  We always want to get the juiciest piece on the latest buzz about town and yet we are always at a loss as to how to identify them and spend days eliminating names on our mental list.  Well, here is another tease that surely would make you kick the ceiling!  Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


xixihammockaliwanaveAs always while we take this journey through life not just with those in our immediate environs and relations but also with celebrities ; we should always try our very best not to be judgmental.  Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Glaucomic Curve : SIBLING DISARRAY

FotoCredit: Xixi Maturan as 'Kuya Goy' in Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez' "Ang Mga Kidnaper Ni Ronnie Lazaro" [2013]

FotoCredit: Xixi Maturan as ‘Kuya Goy’ in Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez’ “Ang Mga Kidnaper Ni Ronnie Lazaro” [2013]


There are matters in the life of celebrities that are not of public concern.  How they are inside their private abode is definitely something that deserves to be their own. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

GlaucomiCurve : The Merman Is Really A Mermaid!

xixitwinsaliwanaveAlmost all of us pinky ladies have this passion of becoming a mermaid.  How it would possibly feel to be a sea creature to freely swim the depths of the blue is an obsession quite hard to flick off our lashes.   Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

GlaucomiCurve : WARDS, SWARDS & AWARDS!

xixialiwanavenueimage1Far and away, the human consciousness adrift past all tribulations and get stuck in a flytrap where nothing comes out unglued from a deep-seated hunger to nurture.  Such is a situation where losing is not an option but the plague. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13866803287961It took me some guts and a thorough meditative process not to pursue this throbbing urge to divulge some discomforted images of two celebrities in a manner and hope that this is a mere speculation. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Glaucomic Curve : ‘THE GUY IS HIS’

pizap.com13808546675531Without prolonging your agony as what our story today is all about, I have to warn you first to smell your skin if you are mapanghi or not! Choz.  A long time friend buzzed me yesterday about this successful tv host/newsreader’s [THN] real sexual identity to which at first I brushed as a malicious swing at his persona.  I was in denial since I secretly had desires on him during his early days on tv.  Dark, tall and boyishly bespectacled, he was perfect for my rainy day siesta!  But wait… as the item is slowly braised into my inner brain, it is suddenly realized that it might just be true since it came from an insider of THN’s household.  The story goes :  As this informer was about to sip her coffee in the confines the dig, she noticed that a now widely popular tv host [too] transvestating at times for laughs emerges from THN’s room!  At first she is starstruck but on second thought she suddenly deducts that she should just keep mum about the whole matter since for the longest time she has seen men coming out of that room anyway!  So, are they partners now or just one-night-standers?  Why? How? Are there any clues? Okey, the closest I can give is that they share the same initials!!!

Glaucomic Curve : SEX, MONEY & GUILT

pizap.com13801639708172He is probably the most celebrated faggot of the hour.  He has risen from the unlighted corners of corruption into a blazing siege of unsavory publicity.  The whistleblower is so bakla that we don’t have to ask ourselves whether or not he is a practicing one.  Indeed , he is.  According to pimp A, WB has (had?) a taste for showbiz hunks available for 150K.  150K? Isn’t that much for some giddy-yapping and an ounce of chloroxic juice?  ‘Galante si bakla, nakikipag-agawan pa yan ng booking sa mga kilala at megayamang matrona at DOG [as in DirtyOldGay]’  Pimp A attests that GWB [GayWhistleBlower] appetite for named-meat-for-sale is such that he would go into a fit once he is turned down.  He would allegedly explode with  expletives tailed with ‘MAGKANO BA SILA???’ .  It is said that his employer started to notice that her bags (on her bed/on her bathtub) had hundreds of thousands missing and when she had it audited, she found that at an instance, almost  ₱3M could not be accounted for.  GWB was subject to an internal interrogation and was sent to a monastery until he puked out the truth.  The rest is history.  According to another pimp, GWB’s favorite bedmates were three hunks whose names start with the letter J.

Glaucomic Curve : WRONG FATHER?

pizap.com13785631264922I am not ready for this post. I cannot mince words in my convoluted comfort to bring out details ; but then I guess that is the chewiest part of winding down some glaucomic curve!  The subject of this malicious bridge of thread is considered to be the hottest in HIS generation.  Being a true blue showbiz creature, he belongs to a clan of actors who have made names for themselves with their endemic talent.  His mother used to be a sexy star and his father is the less popular sibling of an action icon.  Undeniably, his family name carried him from cradle to stardom but wait … there is a glitch somewhere.  It appears that although he looks quite like the rest of the clan ; he actually really took to his mother’s features which leads to a rather screwy afterthought of sorts.  It so happened that his mother had a relationship with a singer/composer (now not so active in the circuit  and happily married) during those troubled times a bit before she conceived him.  The thing now is our subject is a splitting image of the singer/composer’s daughter and he has become a singing sensation himself with some sounds quite similar to that of the singer/composer!  Am I confused or just being snooty?  It is not farfetched that he was NOT sired by the father he grew up to believe is ; and actually his mother was impregnated by  the singer/composer!  But will it be worth to still clog up pipes and unearth the truth?  Perhaps not. But it would help to know the truth by a simple DNA test! No clues for the hot actor but for the singer/composer ; ahm… his initials is a repetition of a letter in the alphabet.

Glaucomic Curve : NEEDY, SHADY, PITY… PITY!

pizap.com13758429433831This ageing award-winning actress is now being written off by friends like a pesky pest out to suck some plasma out of their wits.  She hasn’t been quite visible for a while after figuring in such scandalous deeds like maltreatment of domestics and waltzing out of a tv set after setting steam in a tantrumic fit.  There are well-placed reports that she has sold her condo in a plush Makati section and is short of declaring bankruptcy.  Well-loved for her faggot-ish voice and conduct, her friends were quick to come to her rescue but it appears that she is in an irreparable situation and all she can do is borrow here, borrow there… borrow money everywhere.  Virago as she is well-known to be, she easily cashes on hundreds of thousands with no possibilities of repayment. Hush-hush talks also send alarming notes that indeed, she has an unmentionable affliction which requires continuing treatment.  She is said to be down to her pits and everybody is trying their best to keep her afloat.  Will this new project with an equally negative character do the trick?


pizap.com13751739289041Enough of sob stories! Let us all celebrate a new month [my birth month to be exact!] and party till the brew is dry and the hors d’oeuvres have gone down the sewer! Let’s party!  Party hard and be happy and GAY!  Well, it sure was quite a trouble to lead me to this topic.  Frankly, it’s as fresh as my newly-douched pussy!  The scene:  An actor/singer/host was spotted hurriedly at the lobby of a plush hotel in the company of his faggot cohost!  Now, why the malice? If they merely played jackstones they wouldn’t look well-rested and happy, right?  Talks have it that indeed , the two has a thing going on and that the guy is more fulfilled  to be pleasured by his kind rather than his pretentiously-virginal gummy  ex-girlfriend.  Your guess as to who got the bill is as good as mine! Ugh!