I wish I could muster my thoughts and clearly describe LANCE RAYMUNDO in just on awe-mazing word but I guess that is not possible.  Literally getting in through the backdoor, Lance weathered through some trials that were tough and almost snuffed his young life.  But then if you are LANCE RAYMUNDO, these adverse circumstances are easily molded out of itself and into something that is fresh and new.  He is excited with a film nowadays.  A film crafted by a megman who has clearly defined himself in his past films [PALITAN, MGA ALAALA NG TAG-ULAN, DI NATATAPOS ANG GABI, among others] ; Ato Bautista’s GEMINI ; an entry to the MMFF2014’s NewWave category. To show his support he contributed a song to complement the promo blitz.  “ Since the movie is about Twins …. And my character gets entangled between then both….. I came up with a song called 2+1=3. It sounds naughty because the play of words kinda seem like I’m asking for a threesome…. But actually, the real story of the song is this: you know how we all have two have two sides … One happy, cheery, fun etc….. But even the happiest people have things above themselves they don’t like and wish to hide, erase…. In this song, I’m simply telling a girl to give me “all of her” because I wanna love her not only for her best traits but even for her shortcomings (hence the line- “isama mo siya para lalong masaya, baby 2+1=3)” , Lance muses on how he came about to compose the song.  The movie may be a disturbing exploration of how twin siblings share not just a face but a life with memories and Lance is proud to be a part of GEMINI.  Listen to his song and perhaps you will visit a profound place in yourself where you’d wish you had a twin!

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