RUBY , KORINA Among Other Etched December Fiascos


HAGUPIT or RUBY downgraded as Tropical Storm on Wunderground's Forecast

HAGUPIT or RUBY downgraded as Tropical Storm on Wunderground’s Forecast

FOR quite sometime now I really haven’t been myself,  I may be going through a phase where I couldn’t care less. Is it probably  because I am pushing 60  and quite unconsciously apprehensive of that state in two years time?  Or have I gone numb and callous that nothing excites me now to do anything else aside from FaceBook?  Yes, I am too  Facebook-y and some Twitter and Instagram on the side and lots of Soda Crush.  I may just be frolicking with my present and savoring every minute of it which hopefully coagulates into a subtle wisdom that indeed life in this planet is to be lived as if there isn’t forevermore.  Then, a johnny-come-lately weather disturbance threatened to dislodge some of my peace.  A typhoon is most unwelcome in my world but since it is a force of nature, I merely take it with a smirk and hurried preparations which may sustain the remaining vestiges of sanity that I still have.  Batteries for the radio, LED light fixtures, candles for effect, food… lots of precooked food, tsitseryas and candies. Mobile phones perpetually charged and of course reading materials. These all in case of a power outage.  I also text friends to simply let them feel that I think of them because I know they all know what to do… it is that feeling of sharing a natural experience.  Water , being the vital element to keep us all comfortable at all times is loaded in all possible containers.  Then, I sit and sip tea waiting for the typhoon to pass through my realm.  I was stuck on the Wunderground , a US-based weather site for updates on HAGUPIT.  There were conflicting forecasts however.  PAGASA stood to their ground but somehow ; the cold drought of the season gave RUBY [Hagupit renamed after entering PAR] a rather unsettling track.  Wunderground changed their tracking as the typhoon neared PAR.  There was a time when it curved up to Bicol, took an almost straight move towards Manila!  Then when it made a landfall, they revised its tracking still towards a northwest direction but a bit between Batangas and Mindoro Oriental.  The rest is history so to speak, Ruby continuously weakened and by Monday morning, [ December 8], Wunderground declared Hagupit a tropical storm.  Then it simply, snuffed itself but still with a load of rain and slight winds.  Power remained in our area [Laguna] and we all slept well.  Some say the dissipation was a prayer at work.  Come on.  We all pray whenever a typhoon approaches but still we experienced unimaginable wrath on our land and people.  The dissipation was caused by westerly cold winds which hit the system out of its elements.  We all know that typhoons feed on hot air.  Ruby was a fiasco in itself, a very welcome fiasco indeed!

Then there is KORINA SANCHEZ.  Of course who doesn’t know who she is.  Netizens were said to have been bashing her for a remark she made on air.  I now refuse to watch the clips as to how she said it but apparently she insinuated that Ruby should hit Japan instead.  Insensitive indeed but then what do we expect from somebody like her?  In the past she has had exhibited tactlessness while on duty and she is still being cuddled by her network.  She is one hard nut to crack especially that she is the wife of high ranking wanna-be-president official.  I guess she should just be taken as a joke and as long as she does not endanger the sovereignty of this country, for heaven sake let her be.  Bash her as you may, but then you would only be stressing yourself for nothing.  Simply switch channel whenever her face appears on tv and stay away from anything Korina Sanchez.  She is just a newsreader and should not affect our rather lush life!

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