pizap.com13793894839071For almost a fourth of forever I was not in any mood to scribble away here.  The devastating pork barrel scam and the Zambo fiasco truly depressed my juices and nothing seemed right in the past weeks.  Finally, last Sunday I felt like Lazarus when TV5 screamed away their ‘WEEKEND DO IT BETTER’ block since I really was in need of some booby excitement and anything new might pose a possible potential of becoming our new drug.  Yes, weekend over at the major studios gave us generic products that we actually don’t need.  When Jessica Soho got to be on Sundays; their Saturdays  became a lackluster ; so did the so-called Kapamilya channel where real-life shit drama unfold back-to-back with mediocre shows.  ‘SHOWBIZ POLICE’ at first offered intrigue.  For one, the title is NOT original as it obviously coined [or shoplifted?] from Joan River’s ‘FASHION POLICE‘.  But then, as a race it has been our habit of being too original [pun intended] when it comes to entertainment ideas.  The show’s blurb promised : No showbiz controversy will remain hidden as TV5’s newest showbiz talk show, Showbiz Police, puts a watchful eye on the entertainment industry. Hosted by Raymond Gutierrez, Direk Joey Reyes, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Cristy Fermin, Showbiz Police will probe on issues and provide in-depth analysis to the hottest controversies involving celebrities and prominent personalities. Now that is good enough to tickle some anticipation but when it premiered , there wasn’t anything police-able about the show.  It merely RECAPPED showbiz news that we all know about.  The Claudine-Raymart tiff was a simply anemic take on the issue  and they even bothered to guest Barretto’s lawyer who offered nothing new because of the gag order! Reyes’ take on the video scam bug was suppose to be funny but did not serve the purpose or intent it spoke of, mas malalim ang konsepto ni Aling Taleng sa kanto dahil sa sinasabi nyang tanga lang ang manonood ng sex video dahil wala naman itong halaga kanino man kundi sa mga starring doon.  The Gutierrez segment similarly exposed their faces and Richard did not herald his being a father, and Ruffa flaunted her kalandian.  The show as presented last Sunday was a mere sick residual aftermath of what was expected. Raymond Gutierrez and Lucy Torres are perfect for this fare but  TV5 should merely retire the likes of Fermin and Reyes and look out for brighter industry tidbits that would elevate its status to a respectable clause.  Pangilinan’s addiction to chizmiz should be placed at the right perspective now before it is too late!


pizap.com13704779162971 Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Rey Kilay/Andrew de Real/Vice Ganda

Rey Kilay/Andrew de Real/Vice Ganda

Here is  a comment of  The Library’s (the metro’s pioneer leading comedy bar) bigman Andrew de Real on comedy and the people behind it : “Siguro naman nakuha ninyo na ang point ko kung bakit lagi ko kayo sinasaway pag over na sa okray. Sa mga naka attend na ng library workshop, simple lang lagi kong sinasabi.. “the secret of comedy is fun..”. have fun..not to make fun of other people, mag ka iba yun. I was once asked by a well known producer na di ko na bibigay ang name. Mamu.. sino para sa yo pinaka magaling na komedyante na bading.. Si Allan k, sponteneous, mabilis ang utak. Yung Lenard obal okay din. Pinaka witty.. Si Phillip lazaro mabilis mag isip, mabagal lang kumilos. Ok din si John lapus, me tigas ulo factor lang minsan. okay din si Ate gay, teri onor, wally kim Idol. Eh si Arnell Ignacio??… Di siya comedian, he is an artist. he sings, he composes, he plays instruments, he can act at nag teatro. Madami pang magagaling pero siyempre yung mga nauna ang tunay na magaling kase wala silang pinag gayahan. the rest are just patterned type of comedy. “Eh si Vice..? he’s a copy cat of Rey Kilay. And his style is not comedy.. i call it bashing and bullying.  Pero sikat siya sa ngayon. I never argue with success, luck and fame. Me hangganan yan lalo na pag di iningatan.”


Magpatuloy sa pagbasa