It seems that public unrests, political turmoil and uncertainties may also contributed to the proliferation and sudden influx of sex-oriented films as what we witnessed during the ‘Bomba era’ in the 70s and the ‘Bold era’ in the 80s.

‘Bomba’ movies were in during the time before Martial Law, when student activism and communist insurgency were at its peak. It holds true in the 80s, during the time of the newly installed revolutionary government of President Cory Aquino, when we saw the widespread flooding of bold or even so-called ‘pene’ movies. The bold movies trend was already on the upswing even in 1984 and 85 after the assassination of opposition leader Benigno Aquino. These are some of my personal observations.

In 1986, a total of close to 30 bold movies were produced and shown. Most of these bold movies were showing not only the skins but the actual sex act which they termed as ‘pene’ short for penetration. Producers insisted that it’s an art, but these lame excuses were dumb ridiculous. Those movies were short of being called soft porn and producers were laughing their hearts out going to the banks. These bold stars ruled but their reigns were brief and short. Most of them appeared in a couple of movies only and after that sidelined and vanished— the victims of sexual exploitation.

Except for Ana Marie Gutierrez, Maria Isabel Lopez, Sarsi Emmanuel, and Jackyn Jose, the new set of bold stars that figured prominently in 1986 were Cristina Crisol, Maureen Mauricio, Joy Sumilang, Jenny Varga, Rowena Ruiz, Barbara Benitez, Didith Romero, Lala Montelibano, Kristal Kristobal, Olivia Ortiz, Lolita Lamar, Scarlet Suarez, Vida Verde, Farrah Floro, Maria Montes, Stella Suarez, Jr., Paola Berenguer, Tanya Gomez, Lola, Lampel Cojuangco…George Estregan, Gino Antonio, Tani Cinco, Lito Gruet, Greggy Liwag, Dick Israel, Mark Joseph, Bobby Benitez…

Text&Poster courtesy of : VIDEO48.blogspot

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