Siya nga ba o Hindi si MICHAEL PANGILINAN ANG NASA FULL PHOTO? The REAL MICHAEL PANGILINAN on the inset to conceal the junk

Siya nga ba o Hindi si MICHAEL PANGILINAN ANG NASA FULL PHOTO? The REAL MICHAEL PANGILINAN on the inset to conceal the junk

When I was linked to a certain social media site by a stranger who used kadetengastig as his email address [i won’t spill which engine] ; he was excitedly telling [naka-allcaps? kilig much?] me that up and coming r&b crooner MICHAEL PANGILINAN  has a photo there where he is pleasuring himself.  Of all people naman why Michael Pangilinan? So off I clicked to the site and indeed saw a lot of men [boys too] showing off their tools among other junks.  I may have featured Michael here in the past when I wasn’t too happy with branding him as the ‘bagong kilabot ng mga kolehiyala’ since after Hajji Alejandro and Ariel Rivera, that tag hasn’t been given to anyone for the longest time since halos lahat na ng schools ay coed at napaka70s at early80s ang term na ‘kolehiyala’.  An appropriate very now label may have given the new singer a sudden access to the music lovin’ citizenry.  Anyway with that all now in the past and with the echoserang photo scandal tip [na pinatulan ko rin] I certainly and can categorically proclaim that the guy in the compromisingly lurid shot is NOT MICHAEL PANGILINAN.  Medyo hawig lang sila sa thickness na lips at form ng face pero mukhang matino naman ang pinanggalingan ng bagong singer at malamang hindi siya ang tipong magtitikol for public consumption.  In fairness to Pangilinan, he has this comfortable nasal tone that jives perfectly with his genre.  He will go places!

Incidentally, Michael is an interpreter of much ballyhoed song ‘MAHAL MO RAW AKO PARE’ which is an entry to this year’s HIMIG HANDOG songwriting fest. The song composed by Joven Tan bespeaks of the dilemma of a man who finds out that his bestfriend [also a man] is in love with him.  Frankly at first hear, the song sounds nice and is perfect for Pangilinan.  But then , if you creep deeper into the wilderness of its subliminal content; napakaHOMOPHOBE nito.  Kasi a guy who respects whatever his friend’s are would not romanticize such an issue.  Sineryoso pa kasi ang dating; sa tamang pagninilay, wala nang eksplinasyon ang kailangan kasi lalo lang itong nagbibigay ng sakit sa iniechapuerang party.  Ginawa pang kanta! Well, ganun talaga so manigas na lang ako sa isang tabi!

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