The Voice of the Philippines

Frankly I’ve had it with local singing contests.  There really hasn’t been an original voice since NORA AUNOR‘s when she won our hearts  in the 60s talent show ‘TAWAG NG TANGHALAN’.  Nobody even comes close.  So why bother?  Of course we have MOMENTARY stars who ape international singers so close that you would almost hear the soul of the real one.  Last night , lesser mortals had a chance to wow their armpits with the finals of a franchised show THE VOICE… of the Philippines.  From the start , it was clearly noticed that franchise shows really clash with our culture but what-the-heck if it is being backed up by one the most powerful networks then, so be it.  In a remote-happy way, I had the chance to take a glimpse of the proceedings and the announcement of the winner.  I also was kept abreasts with what was happening through Facebook and Twitter.  The final two had a high-strung videoke-beaten voiced guy named Mitoy Yonting and the Whitney Houston-channeler Klarisse.  Netizens were raving for Klarisse while a few rooted for Mitoy who eventually was declared the winner through text votes.  You can’t argue with that but Klarisse followers were so soured up with the outcome.  Actually, if we closely peep into our smelly assholes, we will see that most of us would really shell out text money to vote for someone like Mitoy.  He represents all our frustrations.  He pathetically presented himself to win for all the losers that we are, and so the masses manifested themselves.  A massive block of his supporters are non-tax payers so therefore they can take the pleasure of spending half of the day’s budget on such a  trivially insane way of winning.  I would not want to define Mitoy’s voice as that of a hungry banshee in a fit  but it is also bizarre to realize that Whitney would come back so soon … and on Philippine television pa!  EAT MY SHORTS!


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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