"Yes I'm Fat And Ugly and Megan Young Is Sexy And Beautiful," -Devina Devida

“Yes I’m Fat And Ugly and Megan Young Is Sexy And Beautiful,” -Devina Devida

Days after a certain DEVINA DEVIDA or DEVINA SHARMA bashed Filipinos after Megan Young won the Miss World 2013 crown on FaceBook  ; she instantly got the ire of netizens and was called names mostly by Filipino onliners.  Word have it that she lost her job [she is a special education teacher in Singapore] and life in general turned for the worst.  She has now extended her apology.

Here is an article from an Australian entertainment site :

Devina Sharma or Devina Devida as we know her is really sorry and regretting the words she said for Miss World 2013 Megan Young. She has gone to great lengths to abuse the Filipinos and called the girls as dirty and smelly but Devina is repenting what she said and has also created a Twitter account just to apologize to the people in Philippines and Megan Young too. “Im so sorry @meganbata and to all the Filipinos out there. Sorry. I don’t have a twitter account so I made one just to show my apology,” Devida wrote on her Twitter account as a profile summary and says she is so resentful that she will not change her Twitter bio “for life!”

Devina, who is now the most hated woman in Philippines, is asking for forgiveness from the people in Philippines and requesting them to stop hating her.

“Hating me won’t ever make you look good. Now shut up,” she writes in another tweet.

The impact of her racist comments for Megan Young was to this extent that she got fired from her current job and even has criminal charges filed against her. She is currently looking for a job and says she had “moved on.”

Devina also added that her grandmother is being taken care by a Filipino nanny who is really sweet.”I feel so disgusted. My grandmom is taking care by a filipino nanny. She was so good and kind. :(,” Devina says.

“I’m trying to get my files so I can work again. I badly need a job,” Devina wrote on Twitter.

Though the hate comments haven’t stopped against the girl but there are certain people in Philippines who are actually ready to forgive her.

“Apology accepted … Hope you will be ok soon 🙂 Please be strong and hope you will be ok soon :),” she is assured by one Twitter user Nene Nette, from Philippines.

“if there are some filipino who still insult you, don’t mind them. they will stop soon. i assure you that. :),” said another user Jo Ann Bolocboloc from Philippines.


“Please show me filipinos are willing to forgive someone. That’s all I want. Again, I’m sorry,” Devina pleads.

Do you think it’s time for the Filipinos to show their forgiving side and accept the apology?


Megan & Mikael : Nothing Serious [photo courtesy: Peparazzi2011

Megan & Mikael : Nothing Serious [photo courtesy: Peparazzi2011]

In the midst of the flurry and blurry Miss World pageant aftermath, MEGAN YOUNG, the first Filipina to win the Miss World crown was asked about her ‘love life’ and she was quick to reply that she was single.  Yes, indeed she has never been married but when pressed if she had a boyfriend , ‘NO’ was her answer.  But then, hasn’t she been dating GMA7 actor/host  MIKAEL DAEZ since 2011?   Well, there probably is a provision that a Miss World should be ‘single’ within her reign.  They have been very strict about this after  an unfortunate event in 1974 when HELEN MORGAN, already a mother won the crown and was dethroned.  Mikael admitted in an interview that he did drop by in Bali before proceeding to Singapore before the coronation night.  He also said that they were close but did not reveal whether such closeness was on a serious and committal clause.  Funny, but when somebody is suddenly shot to fame we all scramble around for some sidelight details which are actually inane! Hay, mga Pinoy talaga!




Dediva's Deleted FB Thread

Dediva’s Deleted FB Thread

For a day, the thread of a certain DEVINA DEDIVA floated this sick thought : “Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them Ha Ha Ha .  Absolutely racist in context but it is reflective of what kind of person make such comments.  It appears that DEVINA is not from a sane state of mind for being ‘matapobre’ and is lacking in attention since she is not in the position to make such declarations on FaceBook or even on her face.  Tracing through her account, the only information she volunteers is that she studied at Manchester University in Indiana; and that she looks BOMBAY.  Her english is crooked and her photos are mostly SELFIES , thus explaining her insane vanity and extreme oblique outlook towards the world beyond her stinky self.  At least, FACEBOOK immediately deleted such thread but the damage has been done.  What kind of person would question the merits of a race by what she perceives them to be?  Who in her right mind would degrade a fellow Asian as if she were a goddess of confusion?  We may not have to blame her totally for such deed but then, we can easily assess that her parents are as mean as their guts to have spawned such an obnoxious lady in this planet!


pizap.com13805021280081They both exude a caucasoid flare toned by a lingering malayan shadow making them stunning lookers to behold. 2013 Miss WORLD Megan Young and upcoming actress Janice Gutierrez slice a noticeable similarity with each other.  They share a facial and physical template that from a striking distance you would mistake one for the other. Of course we all know that Megan is a mistiza and so is Janine which most likely explain the twin mold they bear. Megan is Fil-Am (50-50); while Janine is a tri-cocktail of Spanish/American/Filipino* blood.  While it seems that Megan is the new peg of  an international pageant winner, Janine may most likely follow suit and perhaps bag a title too!


*Janine is the daughter of Lotlot de Leon (Fil-Am) & Monching Gutierrez(Spanish-Filipino)