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Xixi Maturan : ‘The keyword is UNCLUTTER!’

Today is the last day of 2013.  What occurred within its 365 day cruise into our lives are totally gone, with some vestiges unsifted through the varicolored strains to remind us of how mortal we can be and become in the face of trials and triumphs among other canned frustrations and trivial thoughts. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


"Yes I'm Fat And Ugly and Megan Young Is Sexy And Beautiful," -Devina Devida

“Yes I’m Fat And Ugly and Megan Young Is Sexy And Beautiful,” -Devina Devida

Days after a certain DEVINA DEVIDA or DEVINA SHARMA bashed Filipinos after Megan Young won the Miss World 2013 crown on FaceBook  ; she instantly got the ire of netizens and was called names mostly by Filipino onliners.  Word have it that she lost her job [she is a special education teacher in Singapore] and life in general turned for the worst.  She has now extended her apology.

Here is an article from an Australian entertainment site :

Devina Sharma or Devina Devida as we know her is really sorry and regretting the words she said for Miss World 2013 Megan Young. She has gone to great lengths to abuse the Filipinos and called the girls as dirty and smelly but Devina is repenting what she said and has also created a Twitter account just to apologize to the people in Philippines and Megan Young too. “Im so sorry @meganbata and to all the Filipinos out there. Sorry. I don’t have a twitter account so I made one just to show my apology,” Devida wrote on her Twitter account as a profile summary and says she is so resentful that she will not change her Twitter bio “for life!”

Devina, who is now the most hated woman in Philippines, is asking for forgiveness from the people in Philippines and requesting them to stop hating her.

“Hating me won’t ever make you look good. Now shut up,” she writes in another tweet.

The impact of her racist comments for Megan Young was to this extent that she got fired from her current job and even has criminal charges filed against her. She is currently looking for a job and says she had “moved on.”

Devina also added that her grandmother is being taken care by a Filipino nanny who is really sweet.”I feel so disgusted. My grandmom is taking care by a filipino nanny. She was so good and kind. :(,” Devina says.

“I’m trying to get my files so I can work again. I badly need a job,” Devina wrote on Twitter.

Though the hate comments haven’t stopped against the girl but there are certain people in Philippines who are actually ready to forgive her.

“Apology accepted … Hope you will be ok soon 🙂 Please be strong and hope you will be ok soon :),” she is assured by one Twitter user Nene Nette, from Philippines.

“if there are some filipino who still insult you, don’t mind them. they will stop soon. i assure you that. :),” said another user Jo Ann Bolocboloc from Philippines.


“Please show me filipinos are willing to forgive someone. That’s all I want. Again, I’m sorry,” Devina pleads.

Do you think it’s time for the Filipinos to show their forgiving side and accept the apology?

Cosmo Bachelors Make Good Girls & GAYS Go Bad … Sooo BAD!


RIPPED FROM YouTUBE : Save the date, Cosmo Girls! September 24 is going to be epic. Here’s a teaser of the HOT Cosmo Hunks who’ll bring out your inner bad girl at the Bachelor Bash! Don’t forget to grab your September 2013 Cosmopolitan issue with Jessy Mendiola on the cover to get your FREE COSMOMEN supplement! To find out how to win tickets to the Bachelor Bash, visit www.cosmo.ph.




Yes, the barbie doll-like grand winner of EatBulaga’s SuperSireyna pageant is also an actor.  She stars in Edong Roy’s Cinemalaya2013 film ‘QUICK CHANGE’.  Interesting enough, Francine Garcia who stands by the name ‘Kim Chui’ at first was eliminated but was recalled as a wildcard candidate and eventually won the crown! Elegant , queenly and perfectly poised , Francine tackled the whole show with a winner’s aura.  Being held as the last candidate , her Q&A feat nailed her as a sure winner.  She totally brought the whole house down with her reply to Isabel Daza‘s query:

Isabelle Daza: If you were called to serve in the military by your country, would you accept this? And Why?

Francine Garcia: Yes, because I think, that it doesn’t matter whether you’d be a Sireyna, a man or a woman. The mere fact that you’re a good law abiding citizen then you are worthy to serve your country and enter the military. Article 3 Section 1 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states, that no man shall be deprived from his pursued of life, liberty, property and in perpetuity without due process of law. Thank you!


Francine with JunJun Quintana in QUICK CHANGE

Francine with JunJun Quintana in QUICK CHANGE


pizap.com13747167382801AVEEN ACUÑA-GULO Writes : There’s nothing really in the 4th SONA that we have not heard in the last twelve months.  At least for those of us who had access to conventional and social media.  READ THE 4th SONA IN FILIPINOENGLISH

 The choir wore ethnic-inspired costume that to my untrained eye looked Teduray.  Why it didn’t seem to be a portent of things to be mentioned in the SONA I have no idea.

 Throughout the applause-interrupted 104-minute speech I waited for issues regarding indigenous peoples to be mentioned.  Nothing.  Oh sorry, there was the choir.  Then a wee bit about “katutubo”getting health insurance.  And then images of indigenous people ready to give baskets to tourists. Then nothing.
I must have expected too much.  The SONA should have been titled State of Metro Manila Address. What would a P200 million profit from water services mean to a Mindanawon, anyway?  Or a fantastic railway system that would run the rat race faster?  Instead of decongesting a sinking metro by dispersing resources, it seemed like an invitation for people from the provinces to congest it further. That then gives more justification for passing the Reproductive Health Law, maybe.
 Surely there’s a connection between floodwaters and logging; between rice and cartels; between full coverage and the spike in hospitalizations; between cash transfers and NGOs; between wealth-sharing and environmental protection.  But in the speech the connections did not cross over.  Di tumawid. 
 Let’s leave the Alelluiahs for the accomplishments to each government office with its own press relations budget.
 The non-mention of indigenous peoples’ issues is actually a reflection of the outright neglect of the Aquino administration to fulfill its part as duty holder.  Issues like mining, logging, foreign investors, human rights.  Moreover, it seems to have forgotten, too, that when the government passed Republic Act 8371 or the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act (IPRA) in 1997, it signed a Peace Agreement with the indigenous peoples of this country.
 A Peace Agreement? Yes, it is.  And what makes IPRA unique as a Peace Agreement is that it was largely fought in the legal arena, not in the war zone.  It was won without a solid armed front.  That makes two Peace Agreements that the government has become wanting in fulfilling its side of the pact.  Do we know what is usually done to a party that reneges?
 Despite its flaws, the IPRA is also a poverty alleviation program.  Why subject IPs to the indignity of dole-outs and plastic cards when their indigenous knowledge, skills, and practices are still existing? Why give them investors when they sorely ask for schools?  When they know how to read and write and be competitive, can’t they then decide for themselves what business endeavor to undertake? When given the chance to manage their resources by themselves, can’t they not also show stewardship and prudence like their forefathers?  Government is only the facilitator, the guide – and not party to the business.  Hindi na dapat makipag-kumpetensya ang gobyerno sa negosyo ng pribadong pamayanan. 
 Despite its flaws, the IPRA provides legal bases of many actions the IPs are doing in the protection of their rights i.e. Right to Ancestral Domain, Right to Cultural Integrity, Right to Self-Governance and Empowerment, and Social Justice & Human Rights.  Imagine protecting your ancestral lands with unseen walls?  Imagine decongesting anglo-saxon influenced courts with cases that cannot be decided speedily if filed anyway?  Imagine deciding collectively so that accountability is not shouldered only by one person?  Imagine not having had to bow down and be perpetually subservient to all forms of domination?
 Oh, the Pork Barrel.  Though it was not mentioned, it shone like lard in the gowns and cars.  It was also exciting to note too, that behind those glam and false eyelashes – are actually nothing.
Aveen Acuña-Gulo has been into humanitarian and development work in various capacities since 1998. She is currently the Project Manager of IPDEV, an EU-funded capacity building project for Indigenous Peoples in the ARMM. Visit Aveen’s blog. Follow her on Twitter @aveenacunagulo


pizap.com13723248343921THIS PICTURE is ALL WRONG.  While the girl teases up the air in her bikini, the guys are safely draped with their surfshorts or better known here as ‘Puruntong‘ shorts [inspired by Dolphy‘s character in ‘John&Marsha‘ tv show] .  Whoever brewed up this pictorial concept is not aware that promotion pictorials should follow a synch-ed up conduct so as not confuse its purpose.  Definitely , the selling point zeroes in to the sensual levels of the theme but on this photo, they have denied the male subjects the use of enticing BANANA HAMMOCKS that would drum up whatever interest they deem to achieve for people to salivate on what they are pitching.  And grammar shouldn’t be an  issue here when idiots don’t really get the drift !

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Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


daiana Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

SUNSHINE CRUZ : Too Late For Spring

fotocourtesy: FHMmag

fotocourtesy: FHMmag

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa



Magpatuloy sa pagbasa