She has easily eclipsed GLORIA ARROYO as the ultimate  icon of hate of most Filipinos.  That is tough luck since this race is quite soft on ‘bad guys’ … especially ‘bad gurls’.  But she sure has hit a spot where it really hurts.  She orchestrated a systematic and almost methodical way to suck funds right off the noses of the taxpaying public.  She allowed herself a meager percentage out of the pork barrel funds of corrupt legislators and partied all night long until some cohorts sang out of tune.  It is now not important where she came from but rather where she should be : the SLAMMER!  And as we fan out flies from a rotten deal, we are all URGED to march to LUNETA [and nationwide as well] on AUGUST 26 to exhibit our grand indignation with what these jokers did to our money!  To join visit the FB PAGE for updates : MILLION PEOPLE MARCH TO LUNETA AUGUST 26: SA ARAW NG MGA BAYANI. PROTESTA ng BAYAN!!!  


pizap.com13773105350701In the light of the pork barrel scam, 90s actress G Toengi floats up like a turd with a story.  She was supposedly invited by a senator [obviously not just a chummy friend] to some chillin’ years back in Los Angeles.  According to her account , she ordered some wine but her date had three shots of LOUIS XIII ; an expensive cognac costing some $350 per.  Truly amazed and perhaps flabbergasted out of her wits; she snided : “Wow, ang sarap naman ng buhay nyo!’  to which the senator acknowledged : ‘Syempre, kaming mga senador may ₱30 million buwan-buwan!’  Now this is one maiden’s tale that can go a long way including a guessing game to fill your days with anger and slight hate unless G names the bloaty law-maker.  But as of this minute, she refuses to squel.  So ,this is our call : GAGA KA G TOENGI, GAGA KA HANGGANG DI MO PINAPANGALANAN ANG TINAMAAN NG LINTIK NA SENADOR NA NAGYABANG SA’YO! AT HWAG KANG PAKALAT-KALAT AT MAY ISANG BAKLANG BAKULAW NA BUBULYAW SA YO!  

Get the drift? Choz.


pizap.com13747167382801AVEEN ACUÑA-GULO Writes : There’s nothing really in the 4th SONA that we have not heard in the last twelve months.  At least for those of us who had access to conventional and social media.  READ THE 4th SONA IN FILIPINOENGLISH

 The choir wore ethnic-inspired costume that to my untrained eye looked Teduray.  Why it didn’t seem to be a portent of things to be mentioned in the SONA I have no idea.

 Throughout the applause-interrupted 104-minute speech I waited for issues regarding indigenous peoples to be mentioned.  Nothing.  Oh sorry, there was the choir.  Then a wee bit about “katutubo”getting health insurance.  And then images of indigenous people ready to give baskets to tourists. Then nothing.
I must have expected too much.  The SONA should have been titled State of Metro Manila Address. What would a P200 million profit from water services mean to a Mindanawon, anyway?  Or a fantastic railway system that would run the rat race faster?  Instead of decongesting a sinking metro by dispersing resources, it seemed like an invitation for people from the provinces to congest it further. That then gives more justification for passing the Reproductive Health Law, maybe.
 Surely there’s a connection between floodwaters and logging; between rice and cartels; between full coverage and the spike in hospitalizations; between cash transfers and NGOs; between wealth-sharing and environmental protection.  But in the speech the connections did not cross over.  Di tumawid. 
 Let’s leave the Alelluiahs for the accomplishments to each government office with its own press relations budget.
 The non-mention of indigenous peoples’ issues is actually a reflection of the outright neglect of the Aquino administration to fulfill its part as duty holder.  Issues like mining, logging, foreign investors, human rights.  Moreover, it seems to have forgotten, too, that when the government passed Republic Act 8371 or the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act (IPRA) in 1997, it signed a Peace Agreement with the indigenous peoples of this country.
 A Peace Agreement? Yes, it is.  And what makes IPRA unique as a Peace Agreement is that it was largely fought in the legal arena, not in the war zone.  It was won without a solid armed front.  That makes two Peace Agreements that the government has become wanting in fulfilling its side of the pact.  Do we know what is usually done to a party that reneges?
 Despite its flaws, the IPRA is also a poverty alleviation program.  Why subject IPs to the indignity of dole-outs and plastic cards when their indigenous knowledge, skills, and practices are still existing? Why give them investors when they sorely ask for schools?  When they know how to read and write and be competitive, can’t they then decide for themselves what business endeavor to undertake? When given the chance to manage their resources by themselves, can’t they not also show stewardship and prudence like their forefathers?  Government is only the facilitator, the guide – and not party to the business.  Hindi na dapat makipag-kumpetensya ang gobyerno sa negosyo ng pribadong pamayanan. 
 Despite its flaws, the IPRA provides legal bases of many actions the IPs are doing in the protection of their rights i.e. Right to Ancestral Domain, Right to Cultural Integrity, Right to Self-Governance and Empowerment, and Social Justice & Human Rights.  Imagine protecting your ancestral lands with unseen walls?  Imagine decongesting anglo-saxon influenced courts with cases that cannot be decided speedily if filed anyway?  Imagine deciding collectively so that accountability is not shouldered only by one person?  Imagine not having had to bow down and be perpetually subservient to all forms of domination?
 Oh, the Pork Barrel.  Though it was not mentioned, it shone like lard in the gowns and cars.  It was also exciting to note too, that behind those glam and false eyelashes – are actually nothing.
Aveen Acuña-Gulo has been into humanitarian and development work in various capacities since 1998. She is currently the Project Manager of IPDEV, an EU-funded capacity building project for Indigenous Peoples in the ARMM. Visit Aveen’s blog. Follow her on Twitter @aveenacunagulo