pizap.com13751739289041Enough of sob stories! Let us all celebrate a new month [my birth month to be exact!] and party till the brew is dry and the hors d’oeuvres have gone down the sewer! Let’s party!  Party hard and be happy and GAY!  Well, it sure was quite a trouble to lead me to this topic.  Frankly, it’s as fresh as my newly-douched pussy!  The scene:  An actor/singer/host was spotted hurriedly at the lobby of a plush hotel in the company of his faggot cohost!  Now, why the malice? If they merely played jackstones they wouldn’t look well-rested and happy, right?  Talks have it that indeed , the two has a thing going on and that the guy is more fulfilled  to be pleasured by his kind rather than his pretentiously-virginal gummy  ex-girlfriend.  Your guess as to who got the bill is as good as mine! Ugh!

One comment on “Glaucomic Curve : THE UNVEILING OF THE QUEER

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