pizap.com13876869951401Not-so-funny-dugyot-looking EatBulaga cohost JOSE MANALO takes his turn for attention. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13868997138561Like flakes of dandruff spewed out of an infested head, Vic Sotto‘s pronouncement on the possibility of banished EatBulaga co-host Wally Bayola returning to the show after figuring in a badly made sex video that went viral surfaced yesterday as clearly part of a movie promo. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13782553503061When some friends alerted me late Monday night about the latest SVS [SexVideoScandal] starring noontime tv minion WALLY BAYOLA and a certain wiggler from the same show, I wasn’t too hot to make patol.  I thought this might just be another blank bullet ricocheting with some hint of indiscretion.  There is no real value with SVS’ frankly.  They simply surface, shatter logic and either make or break those who star on them.  But when I finally had to watch it after being coaxed by my almost-human assistant Chiririt Misomiso ; I felt violated!  It showed WALLY BAYOLA alright and EB Babe Yosh humping on the floor , then the camera is panned to the pussy spurting some left-over cum!  GROSS!  Clear enough, Bayola isn’t all that funny.  He still is a mortal capable of doing [like video-ing] a private moment with another woman. Yes, another woman since he is married and has five kids.  Naturally, somebody still has to talk or comment about the sexvid; not Bayola himself or the bimbo herself or their management (Bayola was obviously NOT in EatBulaga yesterday).  But then, what is there to say?  That the video was inappropriately shared by a robber who stole a hard drive?  After having too much pork barrel chit-chat, this piggy video is not at all welcome!


pizap.com13750698115211Yesterday was such a blessed Sunday for me.  Some Binagoongang Baboy , then Chococake for some fix later truly made me feel good about myself.  But wait, while the top was asleep my phone incessantly sent my privacy to hold.  Early noon, a dispatch reportedly from the EatBulaga management mounted me in extreme curiosity : Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc. is bound by the rules to maintain the integrity and credibility of the pageant “Super Sireyna”. “Super Sireyna” was created to uplift the image of the LGBT Community in the Philippines particularly the Transgenders/Transsexuals sector. To empower them. To create an impression that is acceptable to the society. To become a good role model not only to the LGBT community but to everyone in general. We regret to inform everyone that our Public Relations Office received numerous complaints about Ms. Garcia’s wrongful doings both in the past and present time. These complaints were solidified with evidences such as photos and videos. However, no further details will provided to the public as a sign of respect to Ms Garcia. After a thorough deliberation, the management made a heartbreaking decision to dethrone Ms. Garcia. A true Super Sireyna should possess qualities of a true queen. Classy and decent. She should set a good example to everyone. We admire Ms. Garcia for her courageous act in admitting the circumstances surrounding the scandal, but we also have to render fair judgment on the grounds of MISCONDUCT by stripping her of the title. This decision is rendered with finality and the Eat Bulaga Management and Tape Inc. stands by it.”   So suddenly we are moral animals? Especially EatBulaga? If EatBulaga certainly is morally erect, then what are we all?  Stripping nude or even having done pornographic acts for kicks or a living is no reason to disgrace a winner proclaimed by an honorable board of judges.  The contest is of no serious content so why do they have to make a big fuzz out of it? If this is true (while we await if the winner Francine Garcia aka Kim Chui is doing EB’s opening today) then we should all rally for morality. Starting most especially on the show’s main hosts who, years back figured in a rape scandal among other pederastic deeds! As long as hindi naman siya naghubad o umaktong malaswa sa EatBulaga, anong problema nyo mga putangina nyo? [UPDATE: THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THE DETHRONEMENT RUMOR SINCE FRANCINE APPEARED IN THE MONDAY EDITION July 29 of EatBulaga]

Then, late afternoon the tv goes a-buzz with the appearance of BILLY CRAWFORD for his first and last interview.  In the wake of the reported Billy-Nikki break-up , he sure fired up interest and whatever he was to reveal after a somehow contrived flow of lachrymal juices would  totally burn fields of speculations.  BUT …the whole mile got so mutilated with cryptic statements that  everybody awaited the lethal question which was never blurted out  by some baldness: ‘ARE YOU GAY FROM ADAM?’ The answer would have capped the gloomy , rainy Sunday this side of the globe hoped for! Ang hatol tuloy ng bayan: BEKIBILLY!