pizap.com13808522008541It isn’t right to judge people . Period.  But somehow in a country where blind items, scammers, corrupt officials are all part of the morning brew we really do not have much choice but to enjoy it.  Yes, judging people is a form of entertainment for the underprivileged , unschooled and emotionally challenged.  It momentarily numbs the sensitivity and parades as a euphoric shroud of invincibility.  I may have declared some mortals as what they are but if I may boast, it all came after an extreme scrutiny of their skin pores.  Which we should all do.  We have to scrape through the surface as well as the pit to qualify whatever trash or perfume escape our mouths.  A Lothario of an actor named Cesar Montano has been making rounds of discrediting sexy stars to justify his falling out of the coop he once shared with Sunshine Cruz.  This is a very ungentlemanly act and should be dealt with extensively.  Sexy/Bold/Porno stars who bare their skin and let the cargo in should stage a rally to declare Montano as a showbiz persona non-grata for this sole reason.  A law should be passed that would criminalize such act with a minimum imprisonment of 90-years and link damages to the tune of ₱90M.  Almost unforgivable, this is an ironic twist for Montano since he was a habitue of THUNDERDOME [expensive girly bar along Timog Avenue in the 80s/90s]  where I personally saw  him  cavorting with the club’s topless dancers, and also had the chance of [unintentionally] peeking into his ugly purplish dick at the men’s room.  He should keep his bitterness to himself and not start blaming situations and people with what has become of his constant whoring and stealing the thunder from flesh traders! Shame on YOU!

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