Megan & Mikael : Nothing Serious [photo courtesy: Peparazzi2011

Megan & Mikael : Nothing Serious [photo courtesy: Peparazzi2011]

In the midst of the flurry and blurry Miss World pageant aftermath, MEGAN YOUNG, the first Filipina to win the Miss World crown was asked about her ‘love life’ and she was quick to reply that she was single.  Yes, indeed she has never been married but when pressed if she had a boyfriend , ‘NO’ was her answer.  But then, hasn’t she been dating GMA7 actor/host  MIKAEL DAEZ since 2011?   Well, there probably is a provision that a Miss World should be ‘single’ within her reign.  They have been very strict about this after  an unfortunate event in 1974 when HELEN MORGAN, already a mother won the crown and was dethroned.  Mikael admitted in an interview that he did drop by in Bali before proceeding to Singapore before the coronation night.  He also said that they were close but did not reveal whether such closeness was on a serious and committal clause.  Funny, but when somebody is suddenly shot to fame we all scramble around for some sidelight details which are actually inane! Hay, mga Pinoy talaga!

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