martindelrosariofakescamaliwanaveJust when we were getting used to the fact that MARTIN DEL ROSARIO has wandered into another network and occasionally see him emote and notice that his charm has magnified for some mysterious reasons, we get this link allegedly showing him kissing another guy.  At hindsight you immediately notice the similarity but definitely IT IS NOT Martin!  Why are there people who spend most of their time lurking and surfing for scandalous photos of celebrity look-alikes?  In the past Maria Ozawa, a Japanese porn icon was Angelica Panganiban and a Thai porn actress was supposedly the sweet Angel Locsin! Although this is lame, some drumbeaters of doom insisted that indeed it was del Rosario.  A lascivious faggot broadcaster even went the mile to seemingly analyze the hunky actor to be malamya and yaya-dependent in a very malicious manner.  Really, this is the height of wickedness if you ask me.  But then, vindicated since the photo was then reposted with the faces upfront, showing that it wasn’t del Rosario; the actor merely took it as a something that should not be taken seriously and forgotten immediately.  But then, who is behind this all?  There is a speculation that this is the handiwork of some fans from his former station; others say that it was merely an honest mistake… while I think that MARTIN DEL ROSARIO is already a big star and supporters of those he has left behind will move crap and piss to discredit him.  Coincidentally, he stars in Neal Tan’s ‘MARKA’ , an indie that tackles the subject of bullying and is set to be shown nationwide soon!


  1. Saya ko tlga ng lumipat sya sa GMA-7 at sa Rhodora X pa, fave primetime show ko sa TV!

    Sa wakas nkalaya na sya sa mga Dirty Old Gays ng Kapamilyucks! I like Jen and Martin!

    Go Rhodora X!

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