“Sarsi Emmanuelle worked as a go-go dancer in several beerhouses around the city before she became a movie star. During those hungry years, she was paid P3,000 a month or an average of P100 a day. Now her asking price per movie, in less than a month’s work, is P300, 000.” This item appeared in a column in 1985, the year Sarsi was on the top of her career and a hot property in the industry.

Part of the so-called ‘softdrink beauties’ (the two others- Pepsi Paloma and Coca Nicolas), Sarsi reached its peak in 1984 and 1985 when she did ECP’s (Experimental Cinema of the Philippines) Boatman and Peque Gallaga’s Virgin Forest. Though she achieved that popularity by baring her body before the camera, Sarsi proved to all that she could also act. She was nominated in 1984 in the Gawad URIAN for Best Actress in the movie Boatman and was a standout in Mario O’ Hara’s Bed Sins (1985), Lino Brocka’s White Slavery (1985) and Elwood Perez’s Silip (1986).

photo&text  from VIDEO48.blogspot of SIMON SANTOS

By eklavumer Posted in trivia


  1. NAALALA ko si sarsi bigla. i was still in college nang sumikat siya at pinapanood namin ng classmates ko yong mga movies niya sa new frontier theater sa cubao. magaling siya umarte… nasaan na kaya siya memeklavumer?

    nga pala, nakakaaliw talaga dito sa aliwan ave. i always look forward to the items here before i start work in the morning! i like the blind items na minsan nakukuha ko kung sino. thank you po!

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