IndieActor Brad Laurente

IndieActor Brad Laurente

It may not be a century since we last heard of BRAD LAURENTE.  If you are a regular AA visitor you must have noticed that Brad has been a semi-regular ‘fare’ hereabouts.  So how is Brad? I just may have to guess that he is fine.  Away from his indie dishabillic outings he was last located in a Batangas town minding his family concerns.  In his own humble way he is slowly achieving a life he has dreamed for his parents and siblings : to uplift them a notch or two higher than what is deemed to be comfortable. Tarush diva? Well, actually you may consider him as an accidental actor ; a rural hunk who wandered out into the big city and was discovered for fleshy independent films. But then, look again at this determined dude… he is now a certified seaman ready to conquer the oceans to further his aim in life.  We may never see him again in new film but then we can merely think of him as someone who dropped by the industry, made a slight dent and went on to do better outside the kleigh-y environs of a make-believe world…

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