freddiemeganaliwanaveI’m privy with family matters.  I believe these stories should remain within the enclaves where it happens but when a celebrity daughter  calls upon media and wails out a load of desperation, that definitely is another story.  Now I guess everybody except those who are not themselves know what we are hammering at.  Of course.  Suddenly, the Freddie-Megan Aguilar imbroglio is a hot item.  Although we are not sure whether Megan is aware that she only has a half-brain to have gone public with her story, the rest is yet to be history.  Allegedly, she was literally thrown out by her OPM icon father together with her three kids and husband [?].  She further babbles that Ka Freddie somehow changed after his controversial marriage to a minor.  Her main accusation is ‘mental/emotional abuse’ , claiming that although she [they] live in her father’s house; she is also being paid 4K to tend the family-owned business.  Her half-brain continues to claim that her young stepmother’s family get a monthly 9k stipend from the old Aguilar.  Where does she want us to follow? Yes, with the way she has been raging it up on tv interviews, there is this feeling that she is urging people to rise up and condemn her father for what he did.  But then, nobody is giving a hoot!  In the first place, Megan is already 35, married and with kids ; isn’t it just perfect that her man give her a life away from her father?  We may not know the whole set-up that they have entered into as a family but we surely can detect when something is amiss.  Megan did a grave disrespect to her father by going public. Period.  She should have silently fixed their ills but unceremoniously leaving his abode; find her own life and if someone asks about her father then that is the time to babble… not preempt our values!  Entonces, she has irked the old man and it may take a slight miracle for her to be forgiven.  But then, that is their problem… Nangingialam lang tayong lahat!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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