I am not quite sure what is causing the sudden surge of Aliwan Avenue visitors seeking for more information on  MANNY DE LEON, one of the biggest male stars of the 70s.  Out of curiosity, I am posting this for the sake of those interested but sad to say, there is no recent news about the 70s sensational star who is best remembered as the guy who made ‘agaw’ to NORA AUNOR from TIRSO CRUZ III.  In the past there were talks that he had settled in a foreign land , then some also said that he became an alcoholic ;  got into drugs and eventually ended as a ‘vegetable’.  Nobody seems  to really know what happened to Manny.  Is  HE still alive somewhere?

Butch Francisco has this to say about Manny in his piece The Stars of Yesteryear : Where Are They Now? Manny de Leon — He became the leading man of Nora Aunor after Tirso Cruz III. Theirs was also a popular tandem. Decades later, when I finally got to talk to Nora during an interview, she revealed that their working relationship wasn’t really all that pleasant. Manny disappeared from the scene when Nora moved on to become a more serious actress. Whatever happened to Manny de Leon? When last heard from — many, many years ago — it was full of speculations and, sadly, those bits of information about him were unpleasant. 


1970Around Asia with Nora 

1970The Golden Voice 

1970Hey There, Lonely Girl 

1970Nora in Wonderland 

1970The Singer and the Bouncer 

1970Three for the Road 

1970Munting santa 

1970Tell Nora I Love Her 

1969Nora (Single Girl) 

1969Fiesta extravaganza 

1969Halina Neneng ko

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