GlaucomicCurve : ‘DYKED UP BEAUTY’

pizap.com13693086594731It’s been humming around the bushes. This wild talk about an icon’s daughter who is allegedly slowly but surely winding away from the usual  preference.  Although being prim and proper are not her best qualities , she was being groomed by a network to be one of their prime leading ladies.  An attempt which flopped bigtime for reasons that she wasn’t that convincing  as an actress on top of her harsh and ambiguous conduct.  She is also best remembered as a part of bashing gang who would  confront other stars they did not favor either in person or online.  Maldita  best describes her but some felt that she was simply a bipolar from all angles.  A string of boyfriends around her pretty neck might substantiate her feminity, but wait… she has, according to rumors been running after her kind!  Is this surprising? Not a bit. After all, she has an aunt (her mother’s sister) who is also a happy lesbian.  Whether or not she is going to take on her sexuality out in the open is all up to her sintunado self.

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