revillaestradaaliwanaveIt is quite depressing to note that two showbiz action icons figured in  the universe-shattering PDAF scam.  I am sure by now that  even the most uninvolved citizen is well-versed with the ways and wherefores of the case, thanks to media we all are informed with latest detail on the case.  We may not be totally aware of the fact that their involvement [as frontrunners] affects the integrity of the movie industry.  Looking back, Joseph Estrada’s aborted presidency was even a bigger slap since he was the very first artista to be elected as president.  The masses truly felt that indeed screen heroes are mortals and in real life they are not as lucky to walk into the sunset.  But then, Erap as he is known has strangely immersed into the thoughts and woodwork of the mahihirap which explains why he has bounced back into the scene this time as mayor of Manila.  His son was also earlier imprisoned with him but after a while has rejoined the free world and became a senator.  This time Bong and Jinggoy dominantly reigned on the alleged Napoles list and with the way things are shaping, they, together with several other government officials are simply awaiting for the arrest order.  Masalimuot ang kaso na ito.  Not to mention it could take years before a verdict is came up with since the Sandiganbayan will of course not leave a stone unturned… in this case, a mountain of documents where vital information will have to be sifted from.  Nitong nakaraan, madalas na namataan si Bong at paminsanminsan si Jinggoy na naglalahad sa iba’t ibang istasyon ng radyo at telebisyon dala ang  pinagdidiinang  : ‘MALINIS ANG AKING/AMING KONSENSYA’ . Without really having to realize that a person with a clean [malinis] conscience [konsensya] is a person without such!  Crucial kasi ang anumang sumingaw sa kanilang mga salita dahil nakasalalay ang kanilang integridad sa masang Pilipino.  Hindi rin mawatasan ng karamihan kung bakit kinailangan nilang ipangalandakang pilit silang sinisira ng administrasyon [or by Aquino himself] samantalang nasa listahan nga sila ni Aling Janet bilang mga mambabatas na sumuong sa mga kwestionableng pagpapakawala ng pera mula sa kaban ng bayan.  Marahil ay mas mainam na lang na panatilihin nilang buo ang kanilang mga sarili at iwasan na muna ang paulit-ulit na pagbalangkas sa kanilang kinasadlakan sa media.  Are they aware of how the movie fans [who are of course, also citizens] feel now that they have become kontrabidas in real life while bidas onscreen? For a common Filipino ,  the magical world of movies suddenly is tainted with the premise of greed.  It should also be remembered that the PDAF scam started as a petty misunderstanding between Napoles and her gay assistant Luy, which crept to be a criminal issue of illegal detention until the latter sought to bring his relative/cohorts to her proper place… right smack in the middle of a multi-billion malady!  Some of us may never see the end of this but surely the tales of plunder might as well kick some awakening into a Juan or two dela Cruz.

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