Sarah&Matteo: Mush&Cheese

Sarah&Matteo: Mush&Cheese

These past months talks on the pagmamabutihan between SARAH GERONIMO and MATTEO GUIDICELLI crawled like a millipede where fans and onlookers saw as a blossoming affair.  There were assertions that Sarah’s eagle-eyed mother named Divine was keeping mum and was not heard to have given an unsavory remark about the relationship or Guidicelli.  When the pop princess snipped her locks , there was no doubt that she was sending a message that she is capable of doing things her way and that her pretty head was not just pretty.  Then the couple’s  photos spread around with them in a sucrose pose.  But then, there had to be a formal declaration for the sake of the leeches that abound showbiz so they had to go public with their love affair.  Frankly, there laid an intriguing note with them merely insinuating that they were ON.  We are not so sure if this is network induced for more products to hawk in the next days with them amorously clinging to each others smile and embrace.  Even without the sickening fanfare about it all, the public would have had a ball snapping their fingers that indeed they are an item.  Too late but anyway better than not being talked and teased about, Sarah and Matteo might have to deal with their hearts while dealing with how much they can get out of it.  Then, that is another story.

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