FPJ & Coco Martin

FPJ & Coco Martin

If in the past Aliwan Avenue received some objections when we referred to Nida Blanca & Rufa Mae Quinto as Separated@Birth; we now wonder if we will get the flak once we post this declaration that Movie King FERNANDO POE, JR & Current Movie Prince COCO MARTIN are virtual twins!  Yes, ChiriritMisomiso… once and for all after almost a year of distilling this thought, we have finally gotten the nerve with gutsy ends to finally post.  FPJ, as shown here in his photo must have been in his late teens while Coco in his early 20s.  Notice the template qualities they share:  The willowy eyes , it effortlessly flirts up anyone he stares at; although the former is a FilAm; the latter definitely exudes with several race cocktails making his eyes prominently enticing.  Another strong similarity are their lip formation… thin upper lip and a full lower one; always ready for a sweet smile or an enchanting kiss.  Their facial mold may not quite be a reflection of each other’s  but there is this distinct similarity in their aura that is almost hypnotizing.  It may not be noticeable at once but when a deeper probe into their images is made, you are easily drawn to a conclusion that Coco Martin is an updated replica of DaKing.  Frankly, artistas are recycled faces of each other and it is common knowledge that when we see somebody who has a similarity to a popular star we say: “Naku, pag nag-artista ka sisikat ka kasi kamukha mo si __________” … in the 60s, Divina Valencia & Daisy Romualdez got in the business because they had the ‘Susan Roces’ look ; in the 70s, Pia Moran was a splitting image of Vilma Santos… and the list continues.  Ikaw, sinong artistang kamukha mo? Choz.

One comment on “FERNANDO POE, JR & COCO MARTIN : Virtual Twins!

  1. I suppose xixi because they are both hardworking and enjoying tremendous successes and mabait. that they are both guapings. one could certainly relate good looks but the rare quality that would stand out is the professionalism shown, good acting and living. so far I have not read any blind item about his indiscretion or kabalahuran.

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