Nothing New

Nothing New

While I am entirely fascinated with mermaids and sometime in the past wished to be one or at least see a real scaly half-human-fish; I am appalled with how local television networks have abused the fabled tale.  To some extent, stretching a concept beyond its reckoning point is utterly an act of bad taste.  ABS2 and GMA7 decided to welcome summer of 2014 in a parallel marina-inspired fare exploiting the mermaid concept.  There is nothing new or even an iota of freshness to deal with in the first place.  The main plot can only depend on a physical transition that is entirely ridiculous to think of.  They have even placed both telecretinic fares on a head-on collision to totally submerge a numb public into a vat of demented brew where prosthetic dreams reign.  What is new to GMA7’s “KAMBAL SIRENA’ is the inclusion of the twin factor; who will have no less of the best of both worlds for a few weeks then slip slide into a bottomless underwater hole ; drown , then splash in a wavy “WAKAS”.  ABS2’s ‘DYESEBEL’ on the other hand relies on the old, stale Mars Ravelo tale with updated twists and a bilasa-looking, tone-deaf lead  actress backed up by hushed-up controversies and an ensemble of malansang support players.  It is indeed a fishy collision where the public is subliminally insulted with dead water episodes with zero values to speak of.  ‘Dyesebel’ had an earlier come on when Anne Curtis threw a tantrum fit at a bar ; while ‘Kambal Sirena’ dragged lead ham Aljur Abrenica’s ‘who-cares-love-woes’ into the scene for some attention.  There  really IS no competition , only salty residues to flake off the walls of the sick minds that work through the corridors of these networks! What could have been new is the rise of a new character who is half-shrimp-half-human who falls madly in love with a half-clam-half-human sanafabitch!

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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