ARNOLD CLAVIO : Accidental Broadcaster

claviogarbageThere is this saying in Filipino that goes : Pinabili lang ng suka naging announcer na. It describes people who accidentally land in a job they are not suited for. This can also apply to ARNOLD CLAVIO, a tv host/broadcaster for GMA Network who [again] gained flak from the net populace for his rude phone patch repartee with Attorney Wilfredo Villamor on the news segment of their sick morning show UNANG HIRIT. Why sick? The hosts all look SICK. There’s this lady who is so unhealthily thin ; an old faggot who must have pyorrhea since he talks as if a whole barangay is stuck inside his mouth … these among others [I wish not to elaborate further since the show is not really worth watching]. Clavio may have pissed on his face that morning since he was the feared condescending bitch you wouldn’t not wish to encounter on a beautiful morning. He bitterly battered the poor lawyer for not being able to answer his queries regarding the Janet Lim Napoles bruhaha who was scheduled to appear in the senate the next day. He just simply felt like he was talking to his kind , unmindful that a lot of people might be watching. If I am not mistaken, this is the same SMELLY Arnold Clavio I encountered at the then Sunshine City Music Radio DWIZ way, way back in the late 80s. He struck me then as somebody dragged out of a sewer and outrightly bastos. He has never changed I surmise and that just might bring him back where he rightfully belongs… to anonimity!

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