Paulo & KC

Paulo & KC

While in the heat of promoting his latest starrer, Regal Film’s ‘STATUS:IT’S COMPLICATED’ on an anemic has-been talkshow, PAULO AVELINO admitted that his lovelife is all coming up roses since he is dating Sharon & Gabby’s baby KC CONCEPCION. The roof raised and some screams were heard. Imagine, Paulo and KC dancing tango somewhere in your thoughts! “Yeah, we’re dating,” was his categorical answer to the question. A reply which can stand on itself without having to trivialize the whole matter. The thing with local showbiz reportage you see, is that they pick on the obvious and paint the whole picture with malice. Is it our business what gives Paulo A hard-on? Hardly. We should not be worried with our favorite actors private affairs ; but then we do and when we are into it , we seek details that are denied to us. So why bother. Anyway, KC on the other hand rushed to twit and imply that there isn’t a ghost of a romance between the two of them. They might have gone out with friends but no amorous sparks ensued. She just might be denying, but then again, WHO CARES???

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