Steve Dailisan/Seph Ubalde/Bam Alegre

Steve Dailisan/Seph Ubalde/Bam Alegre

Nothing beats a great profile, smile and disposition.  The worst thing that ever happened to Philippine Television news is Mike Enriquez and since he has gained clout through the years and has totally played the game on tv executives ,his face has miraculous been  tolerable… so be it, we put our case to rest! But then, with the presence of three fresh hotties handling tv reportage with their focus and charm we easily forgive the Enriquez syndrome by simply shutting him off.  These three news reporters are the best looking in the lot, of course there are others but after a quick trim-down we zeroed in to STEVE DAILISAN (GMA), SEPH UBALDE (TV5) and BAM ALEGRE (GMANewsTV).  Steve is a no-nonsense guy who looks straight into the camera and delivers his piece with such precision that you feel like being spat on with venom that gives you a slight high.  Seph started off as the weatherman with that disarming smile but is now doing on the spot reports as well. Bam on the other hand is handy with events and if you’re lucky he sometimes winks to the delight of them girls and what-have-you!  Three guys that can totally make your newsday a great one… anytime at all!

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