Karat World new endorser MARICAR REYES has replaced MAJA SALVADOR in JOHN LLOYD CRUZ and ANGEL LOCSIN’s upcoming series, Imortal!

From the moment that Maricar decided to cast her lot in show business two years ago, it didn’t take people long to realize that she was a cut above the rest. Her credentials – a BS Biology degree from the Ateneo de Manila with a medical education from the University of Santo Tomas – spoke for themselves. A commercial model, she made her mark in the business by how well she registered on camera and, more importantly, how well she carried herself off it.

Since stepping into the limelight, Maricar has given the public many reasons to admire her. The 25-year-old actress and model’s unusual strength of character made her an icon for women everywhere.

Maricar’s star rose quickly, perhaps faster than most people expected. It was actually Star Magic head and TV and concert director JOHNNY MANAHAN who paved the way for her entry into the business. Although she did not have any real acting experience save for her TV commercial, he invited Maricar to join the network’s stable of stars. He put her through acting workshops with some of the best creative mentors in the business to hone her talent. In a 2008 interview with, Maricar recounted that auspicious start. “They asked me to come in, punta naman ako, pinaaral muna ako.” It was as simple as that, but what would come after was anything but. By sheer hard work, Maricar would prove that she definitely had a place in showbiz.

Appearing on I Love Betty La Fea – and working with more seasoned actors like John Lloyd and BEA ALONZO – gave Maricar enough confidence to take the next steps toward becoming a real star. She went on to build a respectable acting career. In her first movie, the romantic drama And I Love You So – which starred the trio of Bea, SAM MILBY and DEREK RAMSAY, Maricar’s performance earned her a New Movie Actress of the Year nomination from the Philippine Movie Press Club’s Star Awards for Movies. On television, she appeared in the afternoon drama Precious Hearts Romances, and later moved on to primetime, where she agreed to become deglamorized for a role as a taong-grasa in the surprise hit May Bukas Pa, proving how versatile she is as an actress.

Recently, Maricar also made it to Star Studio Magazine’s list of 2010’s sexiest celebrities, an obvious choice not just for her physical beauty, but for her strength, intelligence and many sterling qualities. In all humility, Maricar wondered if she deserved to be included in the list. “Am I sexy? I don’t know if I am. I don’t think I am.” What comes out of her mouth is driven not by a false sense of humility, but a sincere approximation of her person – for Maricar sees herself not as a star, or someone who is out-of-this-world sexy, but as someone who is, after all, just human. This honest estimation of her virtues is another thing that makes her truly shine.
Amaricar reyesnd despite the demands of her fast-growing acting career, she continues to actively practice her profession. Maricar reports for work everyday at her clinic in Pasig, which she shares with a few partners. She takes her duties as a doctor seriously, and brings the same seriousness to her acting career. It is a balancing act that is both tough and delicate at the same time, but Maricar manages to handle both her roles, switching from one to another with ease. She once told an interviewer: “Medicine has always been a priority, but I try and devote my time to where it is needed the most at the moment,” she explains.  “I love both of my occupations, so I hope to expand my clinic in the future while aiming for more challenging roles in show business.”

Today, Maricar continues to challenge herself in different ways. Outside of showbiz, she took up running, joining triathlons and training as hard as any other athlete. Of course, her being a doctor is what has taught Maricar the value of being healthy and fit. She eats healthy, exercises regularly, and most of all, tries to channel positive thoughts. When things become too difficult, Maricar turns to God. When there are trials that come her way, her main weapon is prayer. “I pray a lot,” she says.

These attitudes have helped Maricar survive the rough-and-tumble world that is show business. After all, everyone knows that it can be an unkind business, where competition is fierce and today’s star can become yesterday’s news in the proverbial blink of an eye.

But Maricar is a survivor. She’s proven that time and again, leaving no doubt in people’s minds that she is one star who will go the distance in showbiz, if not life itself. This was what made Karat World decide to sign her up as its new celebrity endorser. As the face of Karat World’s year-long “Because we deserve it” campaign, Maricar will help communicate the brand’s message that women deserve the finest in life simply because they are who they are.

Karat World’s main target market is the woman of today:  strong, independent-minded and driven. Maricar Reyes has faced the challenges of showbiz gracefully and with poise. She is a survivor. Nowadays, her career is on the upswing, with a number of TV and movie projects that are lined up for her. She was even voted the Fastest Rising Star of 2009. That is why Karat World has selected Maricar Reyes, doctor, triathlete, model and celebrity – but above it all, a woman who has successfully proven that anyone can stand up after a storm and come out a winner everytime.


  1. kung ako ang papipiliin,mas pipiliin ko na lang ang diamonds kasi bukod sa mataas ang value, eh VIRGIN PA! Hindi tulad ni Maricar na binutas na ng kung sinu-sinong lalaki at nababoy na ni Hayden Kho!

  2. Xa na papalit kay maja sa Imortal. Nagagandahan ako sa kanya…. Classy ang dating nya. nung sa lovers in paries… mukhang katulong si kc pag pinagtabi sila… Pero sana matalbugan ni Angel ganda nya sa Imortal hehehheh..

  3. mga tol sa tngin nyo sino pa ba ang mga virgin ngayon di na kayo nakakasigurado.pati si kc at angel sigurado pa ba kayo na virgin mga yun?eh kung si maricar nga kung hindi lang lumabas video nya iisipin ba nating hindi na cya virgin at napaka innocent look pa nya.pero ang mahalaga kung pano bumangon ang isang babae.whats wrong with sex anyway.everybody do it now lets face it.malas lang ni maricar.but i like her.kasi she looks descent inspite of the video scandal.and with all her achievments.being a doctor,model, and actress….no one can really put her dwn.I love her.and shes the type I want to marry.period.

  4. yeah right…..maricar is awsome and a credible lady.oo nga sino pa kaya virgin ngayon?si kc nga may mga pics pa kissing many guys wala ng sigurado ngayon.hindi naman importante virginity eh.minsan nga virgin mocya nakuha pero later on hindi naman cya faithful sa yo.malas lang talaga ni maricar pero bilib ako sa kanya at nirerespto ko cya inspite of the sv scandal

  5. Mga tol, ang mga babae o lalakeng HINDI VIRGIN ay walang karapatang humusga sa iba. Ang mga babaeng ganyan ay biktima lang ng isang maling taong minamahal.

  6. naku mga utak biya talaga. ang tanong magkano ba ang binayad sa kanya sa pagiging porn star niya sa video ni hayden? e di ba wala? so wala rin siyang value no. isa siyang pwit ng baso.

  7. pero in fairness to maricar, kahit ganoon ang nakaraan niya, I still salute her. tumaas ang tingin ko sa kanya after keeping her mouth close during the hayden maniac issue.

    tignan niyo si katrina halili, nalaos dahil putak ng putak!

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