magaling na tv-movie actor, may colon cancer!

WE start our column today on a sour note, Ian F.

Of course, you, too, have heard of the report na confirmed na ang pagkakaroon ng colon cancer ng isang magaling na TV-movie actor.

Matagal nang napabalitang he is afflicted nga with the Big C. But the first time was reportedly arrested.

The TV-movie actor is married to an equally talented actress-directress.

Their pagsasama has been blessed with two kids, who are both trying their hands sa showbiz.

Everyone knows they were not each other’s first romance. Ganunpaman, after they met, nagsama and dedicated themselves to the Lord, hindi lang nag-prosper ang kanilang pagsasama, kundi ang kanilang respective careers din.

As they always say, Ian F., prayers work miracle.         Kaya, let’s pray that a miracle happens para gumaling ang TV-movie actor sa mabigat niyang karamdaman.

nel alejandrino/journal online
eklavumer’s notes on the article:
baka naman ‘actress-director’ at hindi actress-directress? at sino naman kaya ito kundi si JOHNNY DELGADO?

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