RyzaMae & Bimby : Endorsers of Poison

RyzaMae & Bimby : Endorsers of Poison

As if  nothing mattered now but TALENT FEES ! Two tykes are hawking virtual poison to the public!  It is amazing how insensitive some folks can get in accepting ad jobs for kids. Imagine RYZA MAE DIZON & BIMBY YAP endorsing  a doughnut product in a fashion where they seem to be actually enjoying it! Their parents should have consulted nutritionists first before accepting the project.  DOUGHNUTS are bad for kids and to most people according to recent studies , read :

“Doughnuts are fried, full of sugar and white flour, and most all varieties containtrans fat. Store-bought doughnuts are made up of about 35 percent to 40 percent trans fat, and an average doughnut contains about 200 to 300 calories, mostly from sugar, and few other nutrients. Trans fats, found largely in commercially prepared baked and fried foods, have become notorious in recent years because they not only raise “bad” LDL cholesterol, but also lower levels of heart-healthy HDL cholesterol. High trans-fat intake has been linked to coronary heart disease, in which fatty plaques build up in the heart arteries, sometimes leading to a heart attack. Furthermore, when foods are cooked at high temperatures, carcinogenic substances like acrylamide can form. It’s too bad that Americans [and Filipinos too!-EklaVumer]view doughnuts as a breakfast food as, nutritionally speaking, eating a doughnut is one of the worst ways to start off your day. It will throw off your blood sugar and doesn’t provide any real nutrients, which means you’ll soon be hungry again. You are better off eating no breakfast at all, or better yet grabbing a quick glass of whey protein.”

Click the link below for more information:

Doughnuts, Soda, and Other Common Treats: The Five Absolute Worst Foods You Can Eat

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