pizap.com13782553503061When some friends alerted me late Monday night about the latest SVS [SexVideoScandal] starring noontime tv minion WALLY BAYOLA and a certain wiggler from the same show, I wasn’t too hot to make patol.  I thought this might just be another blank bullet ricocheting with some hint of indiscretion.  There is no real value with SVS’ frankly.  They simply surface, shatter logic and either make or break those who star on them.  But when I finally had to watch it after being coaxed by my almost-human assistant Chiririt Misomiso ; I felt violated!  It showed WALLY BAYOLA alright and EB Babe Yosh humping on the floor , then the camera is panned to the pussy spurting some left-over cum!  GROSS!  Clear enough, Bayola isn’t all that funny.  He still is a mortal capable of doing [like video-ing] a private moment with another woman. Yes, another woman since he is married and has five kids.  Naturally, somebody still has to talk or comment about the sexvid; not Bayola himself or the bimbo herself or their management (Bayola was obviously NOT in EatBulaga yesterday).  But then, what is there to say?  That the video was inappropriately shared by a robber who stole a hard drive?  After having too much pork barrel chit-chat, this piggy video is not at all welcome!

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