Part 2 of How Many More???

Part 2 of How Many More??? (screengrabbed from FB post of “Katol Pa Tall’ Account

The networld was abuzz anew yesterday when links from an FB account ‘KATOL PA TALL’ spread like measle outbursts one in a millisecond of human breath!  There it was indeed, easily accessible ; a sequel to an issue that could have well been made oblivious for obvious reasons.  This time around, it is a little more than 11 minutes of an almost endless humping with Neri on top and occasional tit sucking chores from Chito.  On the last part, Chito takes the top and further humps with his swollen appendage defined in a silhouette.  There were thousands of likers and commentators which were mostly ‘pangangantyaw’.  Some hinted that both were heavily drugged while others pitied Neri for being exposed again this way.  It seems that the NBI hasn’t tracked down the source of the video since the account declares that we should all watch out for a Part 3!  Part 3? Now that would be a bore!


pizap.com13782553503061When some friends alerted me late Monday night about the latest SVS [SexVideoScandal] starring noontime tv minion WALLY BAYOLA and a certain wiggler from the same show, I wasn’t too hot to make patol.  I thought this might just be another blank bullet ricocheting with some hint of indiscretion.  There is no real value with SVS’ frankly.  They simply surface, shatter logic and either make or break those who star on them.  But when I finally had to watch it after being coaxed by my almost-human assistant Chiririt Misomiso ; I felt violated!  It showed WALLY BAYOLA alright and EB Babe Yosh humping on the floor , then the camera is panned to the pussy spurting some left-over cum!  GROSS!  Clear enough, Bayola isn’t all that funny.  He still is a mortal capable of doing [like video-ing] a private moment with another woman. Yes, another woman since he is married and has five kids.  Naturally, somebody still has to talk or comment about the sexvid; not Bayola himself or the bimbo herself or their management (Bayola was obviously NOT in EatBulaga yesterday).  But then, what is there to say?  That the video was inappropriately shared by a robber who stole a hard drive?  After having too much pork barrel chit-chat, this piggy video is not at all welcome!


pizap.com13761919220211Just what do we really know about sex? Is it merely about the entertainment center we all have in between our legpit? Or is it that what define roles in our society.  Would we really know? Bet your ass that you don’t. With the way things are going , SEX is an abused word. A word used in so many instances to define moral clauses among other things.  People on the sex trade do not regard their genitals as reproductive organs but rather their main capital.  Those who are so much into it like nymphomaniacs and perverts merely use sex as a diversion to a greater psychological problem.  Celebrities use sex scandals to boost their popularity or to merely remind lesser mortals that they too are capable of orgasm.  Chito Miranda and Neri Naig‘s private clips of them having sex has certainly stirred several sectors to react in many ways.  The media had a field day giving updates, inner thoughts, opinions and even critical acclaims on the merits of the video; which all boil into one sick pot.  Why are we all so curious to watch them fuck? or better still why did they have to document their fuck? Are we all sick? Are we? Are we?  Come to think of it, SEX is not the issue, but rather how SICK we all are with SEX.  When all the hype subside, you will realize that what is left are vestiges of your desires clinging to that last moan you faked while bilocating your thoughts to somebody better in bed rather than the one you are sharing your moment with.  Humans are sexual creatures and so are crickets so get the drift and start respecting those blissful zones you have been abusing for the last conscious years of your lives! WTF!

P.S. Again, there is no such thing as THIRD SEX. Deal with that!


pizap.com13755345743691What could have been a subtle Saturday afternoon suddenly becomes a scorchy affair as talks/screengrabs/video of the latest sex scandal crosses the local showbiz skies in a blaze.  CHITO MIRANDA, front man of Parokya Ni Edgar and girlfriend Neri Naig (former StarCircleQuest wanna-be) are shown in compromising poses of intimacy.  Apparently , the Miranda home was robbed and one of those taken was the hard drive disk where their sex video/s were in.  Miranda was also quick to react on the controversy saying that “We are truly saddened by the fact na may nag-leak na private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig,”  Well, this is one lesson never learned , a lot of celebs and common mortals take to their perverse ways and document really sleazy intimate moments that often  fall into some enterprising hands to make some sick bucks!