Allan Sto. Domingo (Jay Enriquez) and Rina Suarez (Adriana Gomez) are living-in as couples in a romantic relationship living a simple life. Rina is the breadwinner living on her parents’ remittances and from people’s debts while Allan is unemployed.
Rina’s younger brother Glenn Suarez (John Parmisano) visits the couple from abroad where Glenn is studying and is living with his parents. Glenn also visits his long distance partner Alvin (Wacky Drake Samson).
On the way to Alvin’s house Glenn bumps into Roman Aquino (MD Marasigan). Their eyes meet but their stares break off because Glenn is in a hurry and Roman seems to be searching an address.
Roman finally locates the house and knocks on the gate. Rina greets him and asks who he was. Roman is looking for his best friend Allan, but before he could further explain Allan rushes out of the house to greet Roman and hugs him because of excitement. Allan invites Roman inside the house.
Allan asks his friend Roman the reason for his visit. Roman seems to be searching for a job and asks the couple if he can stay while applying for a job. Allan agrees but Rina seems to be tense around Roman’s presence. Allan asks Glenn if he agrees to be roommates with Roman. Glenn agrees.
Glenn develops a lustful infatuation on Roman; Roman reciprocates on Glenn’s advances while Roman also develops an attraction for Rina. Rina is confused about her feelings for Roman. While, Allan is being stalked by her ex-girlfriend Lala (Arrah Jamili) and Allan is also confused because of the temptations brought about by Lala.
This confusion will rock the steady relationship of Allan and Rina. Allan will be devastated and will be comforted by friends Roman and Bong (Marco Ronquillo). Roman comforts his best friend but out of lust and intoxication he makes a move on his best friend.
They will be caught on the act by Rina. Rina is extremely mad on both Allan and Roman. Rina makes an ultimatum if Allan chooses her or Roman.
Will Allan and Rina have a happy ending? Or will they break-up. Find out by watching Hayok coming soon on cinemas November 28, 2012

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