Perhaps a lot of people were really curious with what KRIS AQUINO still has to offer as a talk-show host.  Perhaps some even prayed that it would be a totally new “Kris” so as to redeem a mass lack of interest towards the controversial presidential accessory. I guess even those who secretly wished her to be banished to some uncharted country even thought that if she came up with a real good show , everything will be forgotten.  Through the years, she has mastered the art looking straight up with a marble-thick face with all that she has done to herself.  She was and will never be without a scandal towed to her lackluster name.  Without her really bothering to assess where she is now in the heart of loyal ABSCBN followers, she suddenly bursts back on air with her KRIS TV talk show.  Initially, the show banked in on the issue of her getting entangled with the recently separated parrot-faced senator who is the epitome of  gobbledygook to prime up the show.  Nothing doing. The whole first episode was as flat as ground zero since nothing interesting can grow on KRIS AQUINO grounds anymore after she has made public of her diseased vagina. As we can all remember, she promised that if ever her balding old bachelor brother  won as president she would merely be a part of the woodwork ; a promise she easily broke but proceeded to still be a part of the landscape.  She surely has taken it on herself now that her show is ridiculously mediocre.  She lounges like a wet dog on an uninspired set with her red eyes nonchalantly bullying her guests . It seems that she merely is PINAGBIBIGYAN ANG SARILI with no sane conviction whatsoever.  Truly, it can now be told that all shows that KRIS AQUINO is on is a MASTURBATORY show, meaning MEANT ONLY FOR HER SICK PLEASURE!


  1. playtime namin sa opis naman kung sino ang ‘most hated celeb’ endapilipins… wenurs si kreskalkalmedya! kwek kwek kwek.

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