albert martinez, mum about the oblivious

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MANILA, Philippines – Albert Martinez has stayed long enough in showbiz to see things from a macro perspective. As one of the producers of Cinemabuhay, he knows the industry needs more exciting projects to keep the public glued to their small and big screens next year.

Albert and company have already come up with Slow Fade, which got a P1-M grant from Cinemabuhay.

Now, Albert is pitching for more projects — one of them a telesine — for TV5, starting next year.

“Since we are an independent production outfit, I believe we can provide good materials and actors,” Albert says.

So why not a co-production with TV5, which plans to come up with several films next year?

“It’s easier said than done,” Albert answers. “TV5 should start with talent management by building up its pool of talents.“

What Albert has in mind, though is a tie-up with his company and a post-production outfit. This will improve his company’s films and fastforward the production process as well.

“I used to do editing only at home,” he reasons out. The planned partnership, will do away with this laborious step.

Albert is just as busy in front of the cameras Kris Aquino kept her promise that she will only do a teleserye if Albert plays her husband.

This, she announced after Kris discovered that Liezl, Albert’s wife has breast cancer.

“Kris also told Deo (Endrinal, one of the business unit heads of ABS-CBN) that I should have non-stop work,” reveals Albert.

So work non-stop Albert does.

Albert plays Kris’ husband in the ABS-CBN soap Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, which also stars Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Gina Pareño and Jaclyn Jose, among others.

He turned in a heart-wrenching performance as slain student Tara Santilices’ father in an episode of ABS-CBN’s Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Albert also plays the mayor in the long-running soap May Bukas Pa. The TV soaps have made sleep and rest a luxury for him.

“ I already live in the van! One time, I went to Bacolor, Pampanga to shoot my scenes for Kung Kayo’s Magkakalayo, only to travel three hours to Zambales for another shoot,” recalls Albert.

Shifting from one character to another in-between soaps can daunting, even for a veteran like Albert. Playing one character on set A, then portraying another character on Set B all in one day is such a tall order.

That’s why Albert is humble enough to ask help from co-stars.

“I ask my Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo co-stars to call me ‘Kapitan’ (he plays Capt. Frank, a pilot) all the time. You see, it’s hard to shift gears from playing mayor to captain,” he explains.

He thinks it’s a blessing in disguise that May Bukas Pa will finally wrap up in March, more than a year after it premiered on ABS-CBN. Otherwise, he must choose between May Bukas Pa and Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo.

Malakas ang kapit sa tao ng dalawang characters,” Albert explains. “One will surely overshadow the other.”

One issue that threatens to overshadow all others surrounding him centers not on his work but on his family.

Albert refuses to comment on mother-in-law Amalia Fuentes’ allegations that he and Liezl will spend more than they should in their plan to mark their wedding anniversary in Rome no less.

All Albert says about his personal life is, “Saturday is my only day off. It’s strictly family day. I refuse to work on that day.”

In keeping his silence, Albert is keeping the peace within the family he loves so much.

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2 comments on “albert martinez, mum about the oblivious

  1. well, he seems to be oblivious with a lot of talk about things that are personal. i hope that explains it. thanks for noticing.

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