pizap.com13755835849202This country is totally gullible.  Nowhere else in the southern hemisphere would you find a race as tolerant as Pinoys.  Having said this, a face  floats up into our consciousness; a face that could have been comedic but reeks with the vile of a pit of demons eating up the best of all your judgments. The face that has brought millions in exchange for your sanity, good taste and premium values in life.  A homosexual in our midst, making a living out of your blood.  His name of course is an insult to what is true and beautiful : VICE GANDA.  After figuring in a wide outrage for how he utilized an oversized broadcaster in a trash concert ; he now resurfaces to lambast the public with how they have reacted to the Billy-Nikki breakup.  He granted interview to a local  entertainment website to vent his frustrations on opinions , accusations, and speculations regarding the couple’s fallout.  A standout in his reactions says and we qoute : “Nakakabastos na rin naman yung mga tao, may mga tao talagang nakakabastos.”  Oh, really? NAKAKABASTOS? Isn’t the proper usage NAKABABASTOS? And look who is blabbering about KABASTUSAN?  Isn’t that butter to his moldy bread? He adds :“Ang daming bagay na puwede nating gawin, mas makabuluhan, mas deserving sa mga oras natin, gawin natin. Kung hindi n’yo rin naman kamag-anak sina Nikki at Billy, huwag ninyong pakialamanan. Huwag pakialamera, hindi nakakayaman, hindi kayo uunlad!” OH, WOW! Hiyang-hiya naman ang madlang pipol with these statements.  Doesn’t he make a living poking and laughing at other  people? Doesn’t he make pakialam with what is proper and distorts it beyond recognition? Has he looked at himself on the mirror lately, breathe on glass and scoop the stench?   Furthermore, on that particular thread, almost 97% of the comments violently questions his credibility and curses him to burn in hell. So isn’t that a fresh wake up call for this cloaca-faced faggot?  Should we now address him as CLOACA-FACED FAGGOT VICE GANDA instead of just VICE GANDA or COMEDIAN VICE GANDA???  The former is formally substantial to describe where he came from, passing through, going to and what he is all about, and it is highly suggested that he TATTOOED it on his FOREHEAD! Touché!

Now if you are clueless to what a CLOACA is. Click on the word.


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Rey Kilay/Andrew de Real/Vice Ganda

Rey Kilay/Andrew de Real/Vice Ganda

Here is  a comment of  The Library’s (the metro’s pioneer leading comedy bar) bigman Andrew de Real on comedy and the people behind it : “Siguro naman nakuha ninyo na ang point ko kung bakit lagi ko kayo sinasaway pag over na sa okray. Sa mga naka attend na ng library workshop, simple lang lagi kong sinasabi.. “the secret of comedy is fun..”. have fun..not to make fun of other people, mag ka iba yun. I was once asked by a well known producer na di ko na bibigay ang name. Mamu.. sino para sa yo pinaka magaling na komedyante na bading.. Si Allan k, sponteneous, mabilis ang utak. Yung Lenard obal okay din. Pinaka witty.. Si Phillip lazaro mabilis mag isip, mabagal lang kumilos. Ok din si John lapus, me tigas ulo factor lang minsan. okay din si Ate gay, teri onor, wally kim Idol. Eh si Arnell Ignacio??… Di siya comedian, he is an artist. he sings, he composes, he plays instruments, he can act at nag teatro. Madami pang magagaling pero siyempre yung mga nauna ang tunay na magaling kase wala silang pinag gayahan. the rest are just patterned type of comedy. “Eh si Vice..? he’s a copy cat of Rey Kilay. And his style is not comedy.. i call it bashing and bullying.  Pero sikat siya sa ngayon. I never argue with success, luck and fame. Me hangganan yan lalo na pag di iningatan.”


Magpatuloy sa pagbasa