pizap.com13761919220211Just what do we really know about sex? Is it merely about the entertainment center we all have in between our legpit? Or is it that what define roles in our society.  Would we really know? Bet your ass that you don’t. With the way things are going , SEX is an abused word. A word used in so many instances to define moral clauses among other things.  People on the sex trade do not regard their genitals as reproductive organs but rather their main capital.  Those who are so much into it like nymphomaniacs and perverts merely use sex as a diversion to a greater psychological problem.  Celebrities use sex scandals to boost their popularity or to merely remind lesser mortals that they too are capable of orgasm.  Chito Miranda and Neri Naig‘s private clips of them having sex has certainly stirred several sectors to react in many ways.  The media had a field day giving updates, inner thoughts, opinions and even critical acclaims on the merits of the video; which all boil into one sick pot.  Why are we all so curious to watch them fuck? or better still why did they have to document their fuck? Are we all sick? Are we? Are we?  Come to think of it, SEX is not the issue, but rather how SICK we all are with SEX.  When all the hype subside, you will realize that what is left are vestiges of your desires clinging to that last moan you faked while bilocating your thoughts to somebody better in bed rather than the one you are sharing your moment with.  Humans are sexual creatures and so are crickets so get the drift and start respecting those blissful zones you have been abusing for the last conscious years of your lives! WTF!

P.S. Again, there is no such thing as THIRD SEX. Deal with that!


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