pizap.com13820695520412This IS totally news.  Pop Princess SARAH GERONIMO is in love again… this time with Cebuano-Italian heart-throb MATTEO GUIDICELLI !  No doubt, her fans are cheering deep inside because at her ripe age of past half twenties, she deserves a lovelife!  Figuring in several heartbreaks, Sarah is now quite mature enough to weigh her emotions and dwell only on what her feelings feed her.  Definitely such is love.  You do not put into consideration the rest of the world (especially your meddling immediate ones) but only the thrill of having your heart beat four times faster the usual and synchronized perfectly with the apple of your eye!  Her camp is mum about making a fuzz about an admittance but when I saw Sarah recently , her glow exuded MOLTO BELLA!  They really don’t have to publicly announce their romance for whatever reason because keeping it under the blanket makes it a bit deliciously  edgy and also  adds to some subtle excitement that they can both share as the real people that they are away from the meddling  crowd!  Love is in the air!