ALJUR ABRENICA : Hello Kapamilya?

ALJUR ABRENICA : Hello Kapamilya?

He is  endowed with a delectable physical shell.  But then in this business, a pretty face is not enough to which he fairly qualifies.  Ham as he is, and even after a load of acting workshops he maintains the woody essence of every role.

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13881959009381The height of deterioration best describes the yearly MetroManila Film Festival.  This year’s crop is the pits. Well, it isn’t really a wonder since this country thrives on the concept of ‘pera sa basura’. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13754923018172We may never hear the end of it.  The end of a pitching game called ‘BB-GANDANGHARI-UNSTICK-A-TAIL’, where we are all coaxed to unpin the tail off an actor who has metamorphosed into an ageing actress-of-sorts.  This and more stints to launch and relaunch a career stained with confusion and utter bad taste.  The only commendable thing about this RUSTOM PADILLA thing-y is his GUTS.  He has also confirmed the fact that in this country, TOTOO ANG TSISMIS since even way, way before we were all younger than today, talks about his gayhood came with strong sways of truth. His much more popular sibling, Robin always came into rescue and even harassed a tv host for the outright insinuation the latter did on national tv.  His dramatic separation from actress Carmina Villaroel and self-exile to the americas further galvanized all agam-agams that indeed Rustom was bakla.  Now, after having had puffed the peacepipe with Robin and the clan, his mother is mouthing blames and zeroes in to showbiz as the main culprit for her son’s preferential and physical change.  In an interview, Eva Cariño was caught saying : Seguro kung di siya nag-artista, baka di nagkaganun…‘.  This statement without having to  take into consideration that even when he was still a flight steward [with PAL?], everybody in the airline industry considered him as ‘one of those faggots’ without batting a long blue eyelash!  Sana si Mommy Eva, magremi-reminisce din pag may time!’


grabcourtesy: bulgar tabloid



Grabbed from Robin Padilla’s Instagram Page

All is well now as ROBIN PADILLA posted on his instagram account a photo of his son Ali and  Bb Gandanghari in a playful jab game while the latter is on his hospital bed.  In his caption, Robin referred to BB as his ‘sister‘ and consistently used the pronoun ‘she‘ to address her.  For the longest time, Robin seemed to be in denial with the transvestism of his brother Rustom.  His instagram followers had only positive thoughts on his acceptance and we should all too! But then, what he did not mention was BB’s ailment.  There is no detail whatsoever with the infection that BB was afflicted with.  Would you know, Ricky G.?


Nitong nakaraan hindi na ako nanonood ng PAPARAZZI sa TV5. Unang-una nakakapagod ang mukha ni Cristy Fermin and her manner of conducting herself on the show.  Parang lagi niyang hinahabol ang hininga at inaanticipate ang bawa’t sasabihin.  Hindi rin siya kaiga-igaya visually just like Boy Abunda, pero mas matotolerate mo si bakla dahil tumatayo naman ito most of the time, si gurang wiz. Supersit lang talaga siya na parang sako ng bigas na naghihintay burikihin. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa