Xixi Maturan’s Birthday Stray Away @ BlueWater Maribago Beach Resort in Mactan!

xixiatmaribagoI must be very blessed this time around.  Having had the chance [not just a ghost-of!] to visit one of Cebu‘s [and perhaps of this country , too] high-end resort/hotel where I celebrated my  birthday  is definitely one sweet episode of my fifty-seven lovely years in this planet.  Totally expensive and quaint, BLUE WATER MARIBAGO Resort links you up effortlessly to nature without the usual frenzy and tacky crowd available to lesser mortals.  As you are ushered in, you suddenly imbibe a classy air where an almost invisible [but cordial] crew make sure that your stay will be as heavenly as possible.  Settling by the pool and a slightly late lunch, I felt a serene breeze shoot right through my snout which lingered until the second I hesitantly had to bid adieu to rejoin the nastier part of where I came from.  I won’t give details as to pricing and amenities among other etceteras since I am NOT a travel blogger.  If you feel that these limited snapshots are good enough to entice your itchy heels to hail the next plane to Cebu then visit  their website by clicking this link : BLUEWATER MARIBAGO 


pizap.com13771370767911Yesterday I visited Lilo-an town ,  a 15 minute ride north of Cebu City.  The town is best known to be the home of Lola Titay Fuentes, now long gone but her baked goodies are still tops in your pasalubong list.  It is also where the fabulous Pilar Pilapil grew up to be the queen and star that she is.  But then the focal point of the town’s totality is the parola or watch tower that beams through the night to guide seafarers on their watery tracks.  Here’s a quick wikinote :  One of the best known landmarks in Lilo-an is its historic lighthouse at Bagacay Point. The original lighthouse was built in 1857 by the Spanish. However, the current tower was constructed in 1904 by order of William Howard Taft,  the first Governor-General of the Philippines and later the President of the United States. The tower is 72 feet tall and remains in active use today using solar energy. The lighthouse has been declared a National Historical Landmark on August 13, 2004 by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (formerly known as National Historical Institute).

By the way LILO-AN literally means ‘whirlpool’ … yes, lots of tiny whirlpools at the delta of the suba.  Visit Lilo-an sometime…


Lance Raymundo, Xixi Maturan, MERCEDES CABRAL and Ino Amoyo

Lance Raymundo, Xixi Maturan, MERCEDES CABRAL and Ino Amoyo

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13649523927462 Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


pizap.com13608047788691 Magpatuloy sa pagbasa