Glaucomic Curve : ‘THE GUY IS HIS’

pizap.com13808546675531Without prolonging your agony as what our story today is all about, I have to warn you first to smell your skin if you are mapanghi or not! Choz.  A long time friend buzzed me yesterday about this successful tv host/newsreader’s [THN] real sexual identity to which at first I brushed as a malicious swing at his persona.  I was in denial since I secretly had desires on him during his early days on tv.  Dark, tall and boyishly bespectacled, he was perfect for my rainy day siesta!  But wait… as the item is slowly braised into my inner brain, it is suddenly realized that it might just be true since it came from an insider of THN’s household.  The story goes :  As this informer was about to sip her coffee in the confines the dig, she noticed that a now widely popular tv host [too] transvestating at times for laughs emerges from THN’s room!  At first she is starstruck but on second thought she suddenly deducts that she should just keep mum about the whole matter since for the longest time she has seen men coming out of that room anyway!  So, are they partners now or just one-night-standers?  Why? How? Are there any clues? Okey, the closest I can give is that they share the same initials!!!


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