ARIELLA ARIDA : The Yellow Gown and Some Two Cents

ARIELLA's Gown Na Dilaw

ARIELLA’s Gown Na Dilaw

Jubilation was at hand when our representative to the Miss Universe Pageant ARIELLA ARIDA got the last slot on the TOP 16.  It really was supposed to be 15 but it didn’t hurt to add one more until she also swooped right through the TOP 5.  There she was with the Latinas! The Latinas she ignorantly branded as unable to construct a decent English sentence without considering the fact that Spanish IS a universal language.  But then that is all water under the bridge now as she paraded herself on a YELLOW GOWN.  After the event; and named 3rd runner up, people were blaming her gown.  They said it was too puke-y, kinda baduy or just merely not bagay.   But really the gown was just fine, it had a regal silhouette about it and grabbed attention too.  She could have been perfect with a wavy mane [her ultra-re-bonded hair looked too embalmed] and a fuller arm.  She also exhibited extreme nervousness and while she tried to be eloquent in the question and answer portion, her reply did not satisfy a salient point on the unemployment clause.  Perhaps next year or the next we shall finally win, but we should send a whole package : X FACTOR, X FACTOR and more X FACTOR.