NEWSFLASH : MANILA, Philippines. Queen of Visayan songs Susan Fuentes has passed away after a battle with colon cancer, singer Dulce said Saturday. Fuentes died at 12:20 p.m. on Saturday, said Dulce. She was 58. “I was praying for her on the phone and assured her of the Kingdom where Jesus is waiting to welcome her home, where there’s no more sadness or pain,” said Dulce. “To everyone who helped Susan Fuentes, we thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts,” said Dulce. No member of her family was by her side when she passed away, the fellow Visayan balladeer added.  She had long been estranged from her two children. Fuentes had been living in Quezon City since 1973. Born Susan Toyogan in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Fuentes was the fourth of five siblings. Her father was from Bohol, her mother from Surigao.

Lusty vocals . As a singer, Fuentes’ sultry performance was noted for its “lusty vocals and emotional styling.” It was she who, in the 1970s and ’80s, originally recorded and popularized such Visayan classics as “Matud Nila” (They Say), “Gimingaw Ako” (I Feel Lonesome), “Usahay” (Sometimes), “Rosas Pandan.” She is the original singer of that beloved season staple “Miss Kita Kung Christmas.” The repertoire—ranging from Cebuano to Boholano to Ilonggo traditional airs and folk ditties—made her very popular in the Visayas and Mindanao and a novelty hit in Luzon. So popular were they that a few became theme songs for lovers who didn’t even speak the language. The poignancy was in the music, but more so if those lovers understood the lyrics, and then they would be unspeakable.

Authentic voice.The range of Fuentes’ voice was such that she could effortlessly shift from the agony of “Gimingaw Ako” to the friskiness of “Rosas Pandan.” Here is another authentic voice that’s unheard by a new generation of listeners—and neglected by audiences as soon as they’re weaned on engineered voices of warblers who believe too much in their press releases. By age five, she was already joining amateur singing contests. While still in high school, she was featured in Bisaya magazine (Cebuano-language counterpart of Liwayway) for her talent and beauty. After high school, she went to Manila, where family friend Eugenia Molina, sister of singer Merci, helped her sign up with Alpha Records. When she transferred to Jem Recording, she was billed as the Queen of Visayan Songs. Here, she released seven albums, all certified gold records in the Visayas and Mindanao.

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MICAEL SINGCANG Mr. Pagadian City 2013

Mr. Pagadian City 2013

Far south , the search for the Mister and Miss Mindanao 2013 is ongoing and   Aliwan Avenue is all out to support one particular candidate deemed to epitomize the true essence of a winner in the said tilt.  Introducing, MICAEL SINGCANG … a 21 year old , 5’8″  stunner from Pagadian , city capital of Zamboanga del Sur.  YAEL as he is known to friends is a graduating IT student from the Notre Dame University and a soccer enthusiast as well.  He also aspires to be an actor and becoming a multimedia host in the very near future.  When asked what his ambition is ; he drops one word : Billionaire!  Well, he sure dreams big and that is just fine for a young guy with a bright smile and a great future looming ahead. His favorite qoute? “Nothing is impossible if you have the courage to try and faith to believe” Goodluck YAEL!




Xixi Maturan @ Ayala Center Cebu

Xixi Maturan @ Ayala Center Cebu

I am quite sure that vacations are basically [moments] away from one’s self.  It is that simple time when there isn’t really anything important [or basic] and that oblivion is where you should be.  I have been literally having the best days of August here in Cebu and  would love to do a replay in my mind once I get back to Los Baños next week!  There is a fat chance of visiting nearby Bohol if and when the weather permits ; I will not risk my beauty to the nasty ways of the sea! Of course my Mindanao trip last April was a blast, but that was a visit to a distant past and to the place where I was born ; this trip now is all about re-immersing myself into the Visayan air!  Come November [or sometime before Christmas] I just might stop traffic in HK  … so that’ll wrap up my Asian affair?  I am not big in qoutes or fables of that sort, but from FB’s FactBook I find the following Lovely Logics redundantly Logical!  I realize that indeed there are thoughts that direly need to be shared so here it is :

1. Make Peace with your Past.. so it doesn’t
spoil your Present.
2. What others Think of you is None of your
3. Time Heals Almost Everything, Give the
Time, Some Time.
4. No one is the Reason of your Happiness…
Except You yourself.
5. Don’t compare your Life with others, You
have No Idea what
their journey is all about.
6. Stop Thinking too much, It’s alright not to
know all the Answers.
7. Smile, you don’t own all the Problems in the



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